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Dragon Art Inspirations: Learn How To Draw A Dragon

Updated on February 21, 2012

How To Draw A Dragon

Drawing a dragon, I've wanted to do some dragon drawing for ages, so here we are, a collection of dragon related drawing videos and drawing tutorials on drawing a dragon in some shape or form and this shouldn't be underestimated because they are difficult to draw for the inexperienced, so the first thing to think of before drawing a dragon is deciding on what type of dragon to draw?

There are certain types of dragons if you do your research and there are most that follow the elements such as earth, fire, ice, wind and water, but you could simple do a variation on something simple as colour, a red dragon or a golden one and then the design of your dragon must be thought out more with respect to the scales and the claws of the winged creature.

In the drawing video below I just took the route of sketching a rough mass that could change at any time, the draft sketch is the foundation of your idea, here I wanted to try and get all of the elements of a dragon drawn in to give you an idea how quickly you could draw a dragon.

In the other drawing videos on this page I atempt to show you little glimpses into draw a dragon different ways that hopefully they will inspire you to draw some cool dragons of your very own. Look at the creative inspiration videos too to see some nearly finished dragon drawing works to inspire you further.

Drawing Dragons

Drawing a dragon inspirations.  Dragon art by Wayne Tully. 2010
Drawing a dragon inspirations. Dragon art by Wayne Tully. 2010

Drawing A Dragon

Draw A Dragons Head

 There are many possibilities when it comes to drawing a dragons head, here in this drawing video I attempt to draw a unique dragons head, a bit sketchy, but it's a dragon head drawing concept to try and have a go at drawing.

Learn To Draw A Dragons Head

Draw A Serpent Dragon

To see how to draw the body of a serpent dragon, then take a look at this drawing tutorial in steps - Drawing A Dragon Serpent

Draw Dragon Serpent

Dragon Art Concept Inspirations

Dragon Art Concepts

In the two videos to the right, I created a couple of pencil drawings of a dragon which do need to be inked and coloured, but I intend to do that at a later date. The dragon drawings are intended as an inspirational drawing to aspire to draw. I hope to create more dragons very soon.

Both these dragon drawings I've since inked, but still need to colour them. This will deserve an update.

Dragon Art Concept

Draw Dragons

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