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Learning How to Draw, Some Excellent Tips

Updated on December 16, 2016
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Luciano Bove is a car design manager working at Renault Design, born in Italy he studied at Art Center College of Design in California.

Shading and gray scale

Dear friends,

many people write to me showing me sketches and mini portfolios asking if their quality is good enough to start a job as a designers.

Most of the time these young people dreaming to become designers do not come from a design school, they come from Engineering Universities therefore it is normal (for me) that they do not have the drawing basic rules and they do not exercise correctly the drawing discipline. They are motivated just by their passion (sometimes) by their raw talent and their designer dream.

I do explaine, during my feedback, that they cannot become designers just because they draw. They could become designers if they start excercising drawing correctly and if they have a talent to develop. Both things go together.

I can use my creative artistic talent thanks to my ability to drawing skills are developed to put me in conditions to express my creativity.

So today I am writing few lines about this subject posting some excellent videos made by artist designer Alphonso Dunn (you should check all videos on his youtube channel).

Alphonso Dunn has a very organized and structured method for drawing and his incredible talent makes all look very easy to do...however watching his videos and listening to him you will realize how important it is the repeated and constant excercise, the discipline, how important is to think on thumbnail sketches before doing our real drawing, how important it is to learn shading and other basic techniques like light and shadow influence on our subjects or how to create a dynamic composition before starting our drawing.

Basic shapes

It all starts from them: the basic shapes!

When we learn well how to draw a cube, a cone, a cylinder and a sphere we realize that we learned also about: proportions, perspective, round shape Vs flat shapes.

When we learn how to shade and render those basic shapes we understand a lot more about: composition on page, perspective depth, light & shadow, shading round surfaces Vs flat surfaces

This is a good start, it opens the road to drawing with understanding and some basic tachnique.

Crosshatching ink technique

In this video Alphonso Dunn shows us how to apply the crosshatching technique very good when using ink or a normal Bic ball point pen.

The crosshatching technique gives the opportunity, by crossing lines, to create nice shading and 3D effects to our drawing. However, to get a good quality shading we must know how to draw and shade the basic shapes! So as you can see the step drawing 1 (drawing lines and basic shapes) is very important to help us to draw correctly.

Thumbnail sketches tachnique

Now let's suppose that we learned enough and that we are good at drawing about anything. Now we decide to make a composition like: a landscape, or a portrait, or a car, or whatever you want to draw and illustrate.

The question is: how do I make my composition on page?

Of course our objectif is to make a real nice composition that makes people happy to see it, in my particular case when we have to make a nice car design rendering we know that the drawing can sell very well the concept so we will make of it a real dynamic and exciting composition using also cool colors and a dramatic light/shadow effect. Objectif is leave people without words, just ipnotize them with the artistic value of our drawing/illustration.

In this video Alphonso Dunn explanes very well how to prepare our subject before we start the final rendering.

It is really interesting to listen to his thinking about it and how quickly with his pencil and talent he draws what he is talking about.

Enjoy and exercise!

Car sketch tutorial

In conclusion one of my simple car sketch tutorial videos, in it you can find a bit of Alphonso's lessons and tips.

A car drawing is made of basic shapes mixed together, so the rules are always the same! In this video my drawing sample is made with a ball point black Bic pen, so I also use the crosshatching technique to shade ma car sketch, I also use perspective and composition, I also use the shadow on the ground to give depth to the composition.

The line quality is used to reinforce some aspects and details of my drawing.

Have fun and draw a lot!

Car sketch tutorial by Luciano Bove
Car sketch tutorial by Luciano Bove | Source

© 2014 Luciano Bove


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