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Learning How To Draw

Updated on September 17, 2008

Like many other skills, learning how to draw is an ability that requires patience and practice. To some, drawing comes naturally. For others, they must work at it. Here are a few helpful ideas for learning how to draw:

1. If it's your first time drawing, practice with a pencil. That way, if you want to correct something, you can simply erase the mistake rather than start all over again.

2. Practice drawing simple things. Stick figures are a good starting point.

3. Use shapes to develop more physical drawings. For example, to make a human body, you could draw circles for the head, hands and feet, and ovals for the body, arms and legs. From there you can erase certain areas to connect the shapes, and add details like fingers, eyes, hair, etc.

4. Trace over other images. This is a good way to develop your drawing instincts. It allows you to better understand the different dimensions in a drawing.

5. Practice sketching. Look for something still that you can scetch, and draw it. Even if the drawing is very different from the thing you are modeling after, it won't matter. With practice, you will be able to strengthen your ability to scetch objects. Paying close attention to detail will help your drawing become more like the object.

To further strengthen your drawing skills, you can take art classes to become better acquainted with the fundamental principles. With lots of practice and experience, you will be able to master the art of drawing.


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    • profile image

      Jean Littman 10 years ago

      Thanks for the great article. Very helpful for those of us just beginning to draw. I always believed I could never draw, but seems like I could be wrong!

    • profile image

      sabrina glover 11 years ago

      Great site, drawing relaxes me. i began scetching and realised i wasnt that bad. i'll take your advice and look into drawing classes. Thanks!