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Rustic Leather Journals and Notebooks - A stylish way to write.

Updated on September 19, 2014

One of the biggest trends that has grown exponentially in recent years is the use of old style rustic leather journals and notebooks. Growing weary of the standard and bland looking spiral notebooks and legal pads, casual writers and business professionals alike have been gravitating to a writing platform with more style and sophistication

These old world style leather notebooks gaining popularity, and are making their way into the hands of journaling enthusiasts, sketch artists, business professionals, and even college students. There is a rustic leather solution for almost any person's needs. From small pocket leather journals, to large leather composition notebook covers, to rustic leather bound photo albums, there is a wide variety of options to fill that need form some classic old world style in your life.

Rustic Leather Journals on Amazon

"The Nomad" Distressed Leather Journal
"The Nomad" Distressed Leather Journal

Antique Saddle-Tan dyes and extra thick leather are the hallmark of this journal. It comes with 160 pages (80 sheets) of recycled cotton paper and is permanantly bound to your leather with natural braided cording.



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