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Let Your Creativity Pour

Updated on February 15, 2019
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I am the owner of Redd Willow. I have come up with a way to share acrylic pouring with the world!

Acrylic pouring made easy enough that kids can do it!
Acrylic pouring made easy enough that kids can do it! | Source

Everyone has been taken by this new painting technique called acrylic pouring. It is so fun and exciting. When people see it, they want to try it! Then they start looking for instructions and the supplies they need to begin their project. It doesn't take long for them to figure out that this technique is way more complex than it looks. The supply list is unbelievable. Here is what you need for a basic acrylic pouring experience:

  • Acrylic paint- lots of it. All the colors that you would like to include
  • A paint medium. So many choices here. Which one do I use? Floetrol? Elmers Glue? Other expensive mediums?
  • Water. Pheww, I have that!
  • Canvas
  • Apron
  • Gloves
  • Cups
  • Table covering
  • Straws, paper towels, forks, string
  • Space
  • Time

What did I get myself into?
What did I get myself into? | Source

There are a few things on this list that are easy, but what about the paint? How expensive is this going to be? Am I going to like it? Is it worth it?

These are legitimate concerns. It really is an investment to start acrylic pouring. It is expensive and time consuming to figure out the correct way to do things. How can I try this without spending a lot of money and wasting my time?

Redd Willow has the answer! Redd Willow offers acrylic pouring paint kits. The kits include 3 bottles of paint, canvas, apron, gloves, table cloth, cups, lined box (for easy drying), and detailed instructional video.

There is one hard part about the kit. It is so hard to choose your colors! Each paint kit comes with a base color (white or black) and two other colors. Redd Willow has over 30 colors to choose from, so it makes for a very hard decision. Even choosing the base colors can be hard. The colors react different with the white base than with a black base, but they are all turn out amazing. If this choose seems too hard for you, you can always contact Redd Willow and order more paint.

Everything you need to just paint!
Everything you need to just paint! | Source
Easy set up
Easy set up | Source

The paint is mixed to perfection and you have all the supplies to just start painting! There is no risk with the paint kit. You don't spend a lot, there isn't any wasting, and it is super easy. If you love it, you can invest more money and time. Trust me though, you are going to love this and it is considered very addicting.

Start painting!
Start painting! | Source

Order the kit and it comes straight to your door. Open the box and prepare yourself for fun. You will want to watch the short instructional video before you begin, but that is it.

Shake your paint and get going.

After your first painting you will love it and want to share it. Redd Willow knows this will happen and that is why we came out with the "Party in a Box." The Party in a Box comes with all the supplies you need to host a paint party for up to 10 people. It includes: 10 bottles of specialty paint, 10 canvases, table cloth, table covering, 10 aprons, gloves, 10 lined boxes (assembly required), and a detailed instructional video.

Paint parties are so much fun and it creates a memory that lasts.

The Party in a Box comes with everything you  need to host a paint party of your own for 10 people.
The Party in a Box comes with everything you need to host a paint party of your own for 10 people. | Source

What are people saying about Redd Willow?

"Ridiculously fun painting!" -Wendi C.

"We received paint kits for Christmas. After watching the tutorial video my 7 and 9 year old painted all on their own and cleaned up! Amazing and so much fun." -Johanna H.

"We loved our party! Everything was set up and cleaned up and the kids had so much fun with their paintings. It was fun and easy for mom and a blast for everyone else! Thanks! I would definitely recommend a birthday party with Redd Willow." - Danielle C.

"Had a Christmas paint party with my family and it was a blast! Everyone made something unique with absolutely no mess." - Alixe O.

She received a paint kit in the mail and made this masterpiece!
She received a paint kit in the mail and made this masterpiece! | Source

How do you get your hands on these amazing paint kits? Visit us at or call us at 435-764-5761.

Let your creativity pour!


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      16 months ago

      What a great idea!


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