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Let's Make Candles

Updated on September 22, 2013

You Can Burn A Candle At Both Ends

Candle Making is an ancient art, or should we say "Olde" because the "mould" is Olde English way of saying most modern word "mold." In modern times, making candles remains extremely popular. Candle making molds are the main craft and art of making candles.

Candles were a light source some time ago. They were made from animal fat or tallow mixed with other chemicals and poured into molds. Modern candles use different types of molds, in regards to the type of a candle being made. Different candle molds give different effects.

There are three types of candles. Candles are created with a wick dipped repeatedly into the melted wax until the wick is heavily coated and becomes the candle.Some candles are poured into containers such as glass, and a wick is added to the cooling wax. The candles are burned inside the container. Others need a candle making.The melted wax is poured in and cool inside. Later, the form is torn, or a separating agent is used to remove the candle.

Candle Making molds can be made of metal, rubber, plastics or glass. Rubber and plastic are preferred because they are simple to manufacture and can be designed for many different forms. Their flexibility allows them to be removed from candles effortlessly, especially those with complex forms of design.

Metal molds have a long life as opposed to plastic, rubber or latex, but can be dented. They also don’t come in as numerous shapes, nor do their glass counterparts. Glass molds leave a shiny finish which are perfect in the final sale area, but it means that there is not much room to add details or maybe a design.

Homemade candle molds home can be made from almost anything. The molds that are most common are made from waxy cardboard, normally used to hold the pieces inside a pipe, or that come with Chinese takeout dishes. Once these are washed of food residue, a pencil or Popsicle stick is spread over the opening, and a wick is hung from it. Hot wax is poured into the container, and let it set for several hours. When candle is solid, the mold can be peeled off.

Egg shell candles offer a unique opportunity in making candles. Make sure to break the egg closest to one end of the egg shell, instead of in the middle. The egg shell should be washed thoroughly if it is to be used as a candle mold. Egg shell candles don’t hold a lot of wax, however the effect as they burn down is beautiful, as the egg shells stick to the candle and aren’t pulled away.

Candle making is truly an art form. A hobby or craft that can be done by anyone. Using the right types of candle making moulds, home made candles could be just like beautiful or elegant as those bought at a store or made by an expert. Creating something on your own is always more satisfying.


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