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Light Painting...My First Crude Attempt

Updated on May 5, 2013

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I watched this video and gave it a try!

Mrs. Cuff shooting a UFO...again.
Mrs. Cuff shooting a UFO...again. | Source

Some unintentional consequences.

The sun had just gone down. I'd had a few 'sunset' beers so when my wife suggested I shoot pictures of the fireflies or lightnin' bugs on the lawn. I was all for it. I got the tripod, the camera remote control, adjusted the dials and knobs to a 20 second exposure, ISO 200, 35mm lens,and f stop 4.5. That was the hard part.,,
I ran inside to show her. Black, black and black was all I got. She laughed and started cooking some chicken wings.

I recalled something that I wanted to try that I saw on the internet. Its called light painting. You use a long exposure and move lights around in the frame creating 'cool' images. I had two flash lights, a strong one that we used around the farm and a small one that was actually a head-lamp. The head lamp also had a red flasher on it.

I got the remote for the camera.,,,,

4 more shots. I downloaded them to the ipad and showed my wife.

I got a few hmmm's and then a bunch of sheepish laughter.

Original Out of the Camera Images

Kind of cool
Kind of cool
Very cool--3 stones!
Very cool--3 stones!
I can't think up a caption.
I can't think up a caption.
I can't think up a caption here either.
I can't think up a caption here either.


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