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Location Photography: Improve Your Skills Today with These 7 Easy Tips

Updated on May 4, 2013

Capturing the beauty of a certain place through location photography is a fulfilling and challenging activity. It’s because you’ll be working with various elements such as the weather, your familiarity of the place, and so much more. However, once you know the basics of location photography, you’ll surely be able to create a collection of stunning images you will be proud of.

To help you capture impressive shots, follow the seven tips listed below.

1. Choose a Location

Before you pack up your things and prepare your camera, make sure you know where you’re going. Selecting a destination beforehand rather than coming up with a random place can either mean impressive shots or waste of time. If you’re new to location photography, then it’s best for you to choose a destination you are familiar with such as your hometown. Determine the features or characteristics of your place that make it unique. Focus on them once you start taking images.

2. Plan Your Day

If you want your location photography exercise to be productive, then you need to plan. Doing so will save you time and energy. Aside from that, being organized will also help you capture all the shots you want to at the end of the day. Before you start taking pictures, create a list of potential objects, buildings, establishments, people, and landmarks first. This list will serve as your guide and will keep you productive throughout the day.

3. Focus on the Landmarks

The buildings, statues, monuments, churches, libraries, and other important structures are, to a certain degree, what defines a place. As such, they are important elements of location photography, so make sure you include them in your photo essay. Aside from that, focus more on taking photographs of old buildings since they have more historic significance and are more interesting than new edifices.


4. Focus on the People

The people are the most important defining element of a place. They are the life and even the “beauty” of a location. As such, you should devote a significant amount of time taking photos of them. You can take shots of them in their natural setting such as when they are working, playing, walking, etc., or you can photograph them in an out-of-context fashion such as taking portrait images of them.


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5. Take large scale shots; photograph small details

Taking large scale shots is an important element of location photography. At the same time it’s the best way for you to encapsulate a certain location in one photograph. As such, look for a strategic, elevated place where you can take landscape images of the area. On the other hand, do not forget to take note of the small details as well. Simple objects or happenings can add a twist to your photo essay.

6. Don't Rush

One important rule of location photography is to take your time. Going home with quality images at the end of the day is better than having hundreds of mediocre pictures. As such, don’t rush. Spend some time knowing and getting the feel of the place. Once you get comfortable with the location determine how you can capture its beauty in the best possible way.


7. Add Variety

If you want to succeed in location photography, then you need to take shots in different viewpoints and angles. Doing so will make your images more interesting. Remember, it can be boring for your viewers if all your photos were taken at eye-level, so make sure you spice them up. One way for you to do this is to apply compositional methods such as the rule of thirds.

There you have it—the seven things you need to know about location photography. Applying them during your shoots will surely help you capture impressive shots. And don’t forget to have fun.It’s one of the essential things you’ll need to succeed in this craft.


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