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Lock-On Street Art and Street Artists | Tejn

Updated on May 19, 2013

An Introduction to Lock-On Street Art

Throughout the years, a variety of street art has emerged. From stenciling in mere seconds, to old ladies hitting the streets and yarn bombing. However, there is one type of installation street art that is locked on my mind -- lock on street art.

What Are Lock-On Installations

Lock-On is a not-so-common form of street art. Initially, lock-ons where attached to public space by using common locks. These padlocks would normally be locked on to fences, street lamps, and other public furniture. Over the years, it has involved into more of a form of installation street art. Artists place sculptures and installations in variety of street locations. These installations are attached to the space with bike locks and chains. Normally, the lock-on installations are collected from a variety of places across the city, as junk, and then welded together to re-use them as street art.

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Lock-Ons Street Artist: Tejn

The father of lock on installations is a street artist by the name of Tejn. The Danish artist Tejn is the founder of this type of street art. He takes scrap metal and welding it together. His sculptures are arranged in a matter that it seems as if they connect and interact with the environment around them. Most of his work consists of welded iron sculptures which have been placed in Copenhagen and Berlin. He prefers to obtain his material from cultural battlefields such as Christiania and Ground Zero on Jagtvej 69 (former Youth House).

Tejn Lock-On Graffiti
Tejn Lock-On Graffiti | Source
Tejn Lock-On Street Art
Tejn Lock-On Street Art | Source
Tejn Installation
Tejn Installation | Source

Installations Street Artist: REVS

Another very popular installation artist is REVS, from Brooklyn, New York. REVS has been leaving his welded tags around the city over the last decade. This street artist is a bit different, since his work has primarily become legal and with permission. He has created dozens of sculptures, mostly using construction-grade steel and other metal parts. The installations are welded and bolted to buildings.

REVS Graffiti Sculpture
REVS Graffiti Sculpture | Source
REVS Lock-On
REVS Lock-On | Source
REVS Graffiti
REVS Graffiti
REVS Yellow Metal Welding
REVS Yellow Metal Welding | Source
REVS Halo Graffiti Installation
REVS Halo Graffiti Installation | Source

Non-Destructive Street Art

The art itself is non-destructive, since one is not painting or destroying property. In fact, this type of art can be a break-through for street art artists who wish to stand out easily. It is not always necessary to create street art illegal. Any individual can easily request permission and create such art on buildings to inspire awe.

Thinking About Joining This Movement?

If you have always enjoyed street art but despised its destruction, then I would definitely recommend lock on art. Not only does this allow you be involved in the scene low-key, but it also gives you an advantage over other forms of street art-that is low competition.

Take Pictures!

Also, be sure to take pictures of your artwork. It is not promised to remain intact for ever, especially with collection thieves looking to steal the items for their own interest. I would recommend using trash, junk metal, and any other creative object that is little to no cost to you.


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