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Loom-Style Knitting with Pocket Knitter

Updated on August 7, 2015
Small coin purse. Sew on button and snaps to open and close.
Small coin purse. Sew on button and snaps to open and close.
Tote bag. Sew button on front. Sew back and front snaps inside for closure. Button is for effect.
Tote bag. Sew button on front. Sew back and front snaps inside for closure. Button is for effect.
A scarf. Two sets of 14 stitches across, seamed together. Make length to your preference.
A scarf. Two sets of 14 stitches across, seamed together. Make length to your preference.
Scarf. One set of 14 stitches across.
Scarf. One set of 14 stitches across.

The Pocket Knitter is available at stores such as

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Michael’s
  • Joanne’s

This loom-style knitting tool is lightweight, only 7 inches long, easy to slip in your purse, and has the advantage of using only one tool (Stitch Lifter) for completing the stitching process. These basic steps will get you started:

  • Slip knot
  • Cast on
  • Wind the yarn around the fins and hooks (the knitting)
  • Bind off (taking your finished piece off the Pocket Knitter)

The following materials are what you will need when making projects:

  • Scissors
  • Yarn - Instructions call for basic chunky or bulky yarn. I prefer the bulky yarn.

Have Fun With Multiple Stitchings

You can make the same stitches that you do with traditional needles, just make sure your project will be no more than 14 stitches in width. The Pocket Knitter is a helpful, fast, and easy way to make small projects such as hand warmers, purses, beanie-hats, and scarves. I use mine for craft projects, as well. Make larger items by knitting separate pieces and seam them together when your pieces are complete. I made a beanie hat by using two knitted pieces and seaming them later.

The Pocket Knitter comes with illustrated instructions explaining:

  • Cast on wrap (E-wrap)
  • First row wrap (Over and Under wrap)
  • Basic knitting stitch - (Sockinette stitch)
  • Purl Stitch
  • Garter stitch
  • Seed Stitch
  • Binding off
  • Sewing Seams
  • Seven patterns: Boa Scarf, Two Yarn Boa Scarf (using two different colored yarns), Tweed Keyhole Neckwrap, Tasseled Envelope Purse, Wristlets (hand warmers), Baby Hat, Baby Scarf
  • Basic Crochet stitch, if desired, to add a “finished “edge to certain projects

Easy For Children

The Pocket Knitter is also an easy way to introduce knitting to children. Their nimble little fingers will be knitting in no time! All it takes is wrapping the yarn around the "nibs" and "hooks". See the following demonstration video:

See What You Can Do With The Pocket Knitter

Making a small project from a piece of knitting made with the Pocket Knitter

This is a great way to utilize “left over” knitted scraps along with other miscellaneous materials you already have:

Candle Holder/Vase (w/ knitted scraps)

A saved and cleaned jelly glass jar (or any glass jar), Goo Gone for helping to take label off jar, a piece of pre-knitted scrap, spray adhesive or glue gun, hot glue sticks, decorative ribbon, scissors, a small styrofoam ball, razor, short stemmed silk flowers, and wired ribbon, battery operated candle (optional).

  • Fit the pre-knitted scrap around the glass jar to ascertain how much of the scrap piece will be needed.

  • Cut it to size.
  • Use spray adhesive on one side of scrap or spray glass jar, then press knitted scrap onto jar.
  • Take decorative ribbon and adhere it to the rim of the glass jar. I used spray adhesive.

  • With a round tipped screwdriver, punch small holes into styrofoam ball to make places where you will put the flowers. Or, you may just stick the flower stems directly into the styrofoam.
  • Wrap wired ribbon around the styrofoam, and tie into a bow. You may choose to leave ends of bow loose or curl them upwards back into the flowers.

Flower Ensemble Glued To Top Of Jar Lid

  • After setting the flowers and ribbon into the stryofoam ball, gently cut the bottom of the ball with a razor for a straight edge. Note - you may consider cutting the ball in half before tying on ribbon.
  • Add glue to bottom of styrofoam and press it on top of the lid that goes with the jar. Now you have a decorative lid or you can use it alone as a small centerpiece - or a larger one if your lid is larger. You can also “theme” your jar for holidays or celebrations.

Small table centerpiece

Without candle (battery operated)

Add battery operated candle. In the dark, it glows even more..

Multiple Uses For Your Decorative Jar

Options for decorated jar:

  • Fill with candy or sea-shells.
  • Fill with scented wax and use jar with lid off as room freshner.
  • Candle holder ( only battery-operated candles).
  • Pen holder, clips, safety pins or other small items that need to be consolidated.
  • Centerpieces for baby or bridal showers, or any other themed event (for baby shower, use ribbon and plastic baby rattles and pacifiers).
  • Outdoor patio dinners to give soft, candle-glow effect around table.
  • Vase


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    • EsJam profile image

      Essie 2 years ago from Southern California

      So good to hear from you! Thank you so much for your kind words.

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 2 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      What a lovely project. Thanks for sharing the information.