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Updated on September 16, 2013

I was going to show a picture of my computer painted tree that I blackened out to make a beautiful silhouette out of. The painting was done on my Windows paint section.

First I thought of what I might like to paint and trees came to my mind. They are basically simple to muster and complete. Second I thought of the colors to use for my tree with so many pallets to choose from and customize they can be used almost to the degree of oil-paint or watercolors. Thirdly, as I painted, I chose how big and what shape that the tree should be which, for the most part, came from my mind's eye view. The selections of brushes, pencils, or marker-type stensil gadgets can be sized to the desired thickness as the tree branch, trunk, limb, or leaf may require.

It's fun to play with the colors and experiment with shapes and sizes and gain the feel for the instrument panel and see the desired effect. I have always loved to draw or use colors to make pictures come alive. I have even made drawings colored with the various colors of my maleup and sprayed them with hairspray to make it set and stay on the paper. I'm not a great artist by no means but I have it in my heart to create. The picture of the tree was originally colored browns and greens with the sun being bright yellow encased with a touch of blue sky. I accidentally silhouetted it in another microsoft site and the result was beautiful. Even better than the original.


Try as I might, I cannot for the life of me figure out how I silhouetted my painting. I created the original in my Windows painter and had inserted it into my Microsoft Office 2010 to do some exploratory procedures with it. During some of the colorizing actions,I must have chosen a shade that blackened out my tree.

I went back into Microsoft Office to try to do the procedure again so that I could explain it to you but in all the actions that I tried with Office I could not obtain the same effect. If anyone can help me figure out how I obtained the silhouette effect on my painting please let me know. I would love to do alterations to more of my artwork and I am open to your input.


I found it! When you go to Microsoft Office to start a new document choose the "insert" option, then choose the picture option to install your picture. Automatically it will bring up options to change page effects. Different colors will come up for you to choose from. Alas! I found it, so, come and try it. It's fun!

Also, there is a darkening action that the picture viewer in Windows will allow such editing as color brightening and a black and white option that will come up when you push the word Fix at the top of the photo viewing page. You may darken or lighten the picture to your preference. Learning things is what life is all about and each learning process can be fun and entertaining.The shadowy effects are not always as flattering or appealing to the eye but try different ways and see which ones you like.

The black and white effects can be used to create images similar to the era when photo imaging film was only black and white. This could be utilized to make an existing up to date colorized photo be added to an article or story or maybe even a scrapbook about that black and white time period by using the photo editor in the Windows photo storage.


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