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How To Make A Chic Silver And Leather Button Ring In 10 Minutes

Updated on May 9, 2012
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Graham is a former magazine stylist with a passion for crafts. She writes for various magazines and blogs when she's not playing with glue.

Leather Button Jewelry From Elizabeth Yarborough
Leather Button Jewelry From Elizabeth Yarborough | Source
Button Rings From Red Chair Antiques Shop
Button Rings From Red Chair Antiques Shop | Source

Buttons, for the most part, have often had a supportive role in fashion, but over the years, buttons have become a fashion accessory in their own rite. When I first saw the vintage button rings at Red Chair Antiques, I was quickly enamored. Then I stumbled upon the rings designed by Elizabeth Yarborough and knew that I had to make one.

Once I purchased my button and the ring base, the project really took no longer than a few minutes. Because I made this ring with a marine glue, I could possibly get the ring wet, however, because I chose to use a leather button it would be wiser to remove the ring before washing my hands as to avoid any damage or discoloration.


Choosing your button will, undoubtedly, be the most difficult step. There are so many beautiful buttons it will be hard to choose just one. However, after you've made your first ring, you may discover that your passion is to make more.

There are many sources that you could go to to locate that special button. Visit your local vintage stores, antique galleries and craft shops. You may opt to stop by your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. I purchased my button at this wonderful little yarn store in my neighborhood called the Elegant Ewe.

Ring Bases Sold Through Captured Moments


I opted for a sterling silver plated base and bought mine at Capture the Moment. This is a great little Etsy shop that offers several different ring bases for you to choose from. Unlike many of the other button rings that I had seen, this ring base from Capture the Moment offered one with a collar hiding the underside of the button and making my ring look more polished.

‚ĚčNote: Please be sure to select your button to fit the diameter of your chosen ring base. To ensure this, you may want to buy the base first and then choose your button eliminating the possibility of falling in love with the button that won't fit your ring base.

As I've mentioned, I chose to glue my button to the ring base with epoxy. Epoxy cures quickly and is very strong. I put my ring base on my finger, applied the epoxy to the bottom of the button and to the inside of the base and set the button on top to dry. I held the button steady for the first few moments to ensure that it positioned correctly. Then I waited for the epoxy to set.

If you buy a button that has a thread loop attached to the back, just simply click it off with wire clippers so that the back of the bottom is flat and will sit snuggle into the ring base.

Ready To Wear........
Ready To Wear........ | Source

While searching for the button I would later use to make my ring, I stumbled onto this site: The History of the Button. Eventually, I made several rings and a button pendant, much like those sold at Red Chair Antiques, for a few friends of mine. Wrapped within their gift I inserted a printout of this History of the Button on parchment.

Have fun crafting your own button ring. I hope you get many compliments. If you intend on making a ring for a friend, perhaps you'd like to include the button's history. Here you go:

History of the Button-abridged
History of the Button-abridged | Source
History of the Button-abridged
History of the Button-abridged | Source
History of the Button-abridged
History of the Button-abridged | Source
History of the Button-abridged
History of the Button-abridged | Source

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