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Make Your Own Stackable Baby Toy

Updated on November 22, 2010

Nautical themed stackable toy


Handmade baby toy

A great handmade gift idea for the babies on your Christmas list is stackable cushions. They are fun and easy to make. What makes them fun is choosing the fabrics you are going to use and whether or not to go with a theme. What makes them easy is they are squares and really no harder than making small pillows.

Shown in the photo is a nautical themed stackable toy. But you can choose any theme you can find prints for.


Choose your fabrics & create your design

First you need to decide how big you want your stackable cushions to be. It’s best not to go smaller than a 3” square for the littlest ones for ease of turning them right-side out after sewing. Then graduate the sizes up approximately and inch and a half to two inches at a time for the larger blocks. These could be made very big if you wanted, but I stuck with a 7” square for the largest cushion and went down from there.

These can be made in a patchwork as shown in the picture, or of a solid piece of fabric.

Pink & brown for girls


Sewing the stackables

Measure and cut your squares making them at least an inch larger all the way around from the size you have chosen for the finished cushion. If you are making them a patchwork, sew your four smaller squares into a larger one by putting the right sides of the fabric together and sewing. Then lay flat and topstitch along all seams for durability. Remember, these need to be washable!

Once you have your pieces, put the right sides together and sew all the way around, leaving a small section open so you can turn them right-side-out. Stuff them with soft poly fiberfill then topstitch around the perimeter, thereby giving them a nice tailored look and also closing up your opening. Now you have a small pillow.

Using stout thread, sew several stitches through the center and pull it tight. At this point, you can do a tie-off like a quilt if you want, leaving a bit of the string hanging. It makes for a homespun touch. Or you can add a cute button or bow as an embellishment. Remember to secure buttons very well for any baby toy. You do not want your toy to present a choking hazard!

Do this for each of your cushions and you will end up with a stackable baby toy that is handmade with love, durable, and washable for the little one on your list.

Non-patchwork stackables


Deluxe Sewing Center Plan


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