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Make a Cool Text Reflection Effect In Photoshop

Updated on February 12, 2013

In this tutorial, I will Show you, How you can add a realistic reflection to your text in Photoshop. It is a very basic and simple tutorial, which requires just a few steps and even a newbie can do this.This tutorial will help you a lot, if you want to learn Photoshop completely.

Here, we will use a black to white Gradient in the layer mask of a duplicated text layer, which will apply this gradient only to the text area.Our Final result will be:

Lets move on now !

Step : 1

Open Photoshop, go to File ► New and create a new document, with RGB color mode and any size and PR you prefer.(I`m using 1024 x 768 size with 72 p Resolution)

Step : 2

Grab the text tool from the toolbox and Type any text you want.(I`m Typing "REFLECTION"), After typing, Resize it a bit (If you want).

Step : 3
In the layer panel, Go to the text layer, right click and select "Rasterize Type".Rasterizing layer converts the text document into an image layer

Step : 4

To bring your text in the center of the canvass, Press Control/command + A to select the whole canvass.After pressing, you will see imaginary lines on the borders of the image

After this, select the "Move tool" and on the top, Press these two buttons

Step 5:

Duplicate the text layer by pressing Control/command + J, and select the duplicated layer.Press Control/Command + T, To bring transformation tool.
Right click on transformation tool and select "Flip vertical".Then, Click the flipped text and by holding shift, Grab it below the main text image.

Step 6:

Add a layer mask to the duplicated layer by pressing the layer mask button under the layer panel.
Now select the gradient tool from the toolbox and by selecting the layer mask, draw a linear gradient from the middle of main text to the middle of reflected text.
Now our reflection is ready.Lets add some effects, to make it more attractive.
Step 7:

Press control or command and by holding it, select the both text layers.After selecting, press control/command + E to merge them.No, Go to fx ► pattern overlay and select "Satin" Pattern.

After adding pattern, click on color overlay and on color box, type "33c6e5" To select a nice Blue color.Now click "OK" and in color overlay menu, decrease the opacity to"74%".

Step 8:

Now create a new layer, fill it with white and place it above the background layer.

This time, add black to white Radial gradient.You can select it below the options bar.

Drag the gradient tool from the center to one corner of the canvass.
Now decrease the selected layer`s layer opacity to 52%

Step 9:

Select "Color look up" from the adjustment panel.Now from the "3DLUT File", select "HorrorBlue.3DL" adjustment.
This will give you background, smooth and clean color.

Final Step:

From the adjustments panel, select "Levels" and use these settings:

Note: The "Levels" layer should be at the top of all layers

Please feel free to ask, if you have any problem in making this effect.


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    • Kimberly Vaughn profile image

      Kimberly Vaughn 4 years ago from Midwest

      Welcome to HubPages Zaidniazi2! This is a great first hub. It is well organized and I love how you incorporated the visual aids.