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Make a felt cupcake pin - free printable template

Updated on October 21, 2009

Materials needed:

Pink felt

White felt

Pink seed beads

Pin back

Glue gun

White or cream embroidery floss (2 strands)

Pink embroidery floss (2 strands)


1. Using the template (labeled cupcake_template.pdf, located here), cut 1 pink cupcake and 1 white cupcake top from felt.

2. Carefully stitch the white top to the pink cupcake bottom using the white embroidery floss.

3. Stitch 4 lines vertically along the cupcake base to create the “folds” of the cupcake paper using the pink embroidery floss.

4. Sew 8 pink seed beads to the cupcake top (placing relatively even space between each bead) using the remaining pink embroidery floss

5. Hot glue a pin back to the back of the cupcake.


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