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How to make a giraffe - One million giraffes

Updated on October 18, 2010

A friend pointed out this website to me. I thought it was so genius, I had to share it. The website is called One Million Giraffes. It was set up about half a year ago, by this guy named Ola Helland. He made some sort of bet with his friend Jorgen. He said he could collect one million giraffes before 2011.

His collection has to consist of giraffes other people make. They make a giraffe and send in a picture. You are not allowed to make the giraffes using a computer, and store bought objects are not allowed either. If you browse through the site, you can find all the photos that were send in. There are some great pieces of art. Lots of people make beautiful paintings or sculptures. Others just send in scribbles on their college notes, and most of those are amazing too. And of course there are a lot of children’s drawings.

On the site is an interesting page dedicated to the statistics. This shows exactly how many giraffes he gets per day, from which countries, and the average age of the creators of the giraffes. It also has a countdown of how many still to go. Right now he has been online for half a year, and has collected 433 377 giraffes, so almost halfway. On average he receives 2368 giraffes per day. The most he ever got in one day is 15713 giraffes. He checks every photo that gets send in and counts the giraffes in them. So far he has rejected 10526 giraffes, because they were sent in double or made with computers.

Some people are getting overexcited, I’ve seen some people that already send in more than 1000 giraffes. I think it is pretty cool, Ola can get people so excited about this and make them help him. Every day a giraffe of the day gets picked, and you can read about that giraffe and its creator in his blog. It’s really nice to have a look through the new giraffes every now and then and look at the creations. 

What makes this site so impressive to me, is how Ola convinces thousands of people to help him, without giving anything in return. I think this shows people like a challenge, and people like helping out others. I love ideas like this, especially when it seems to become popular and successful. The way things are going now, Ola will have his million well before his time is up.

So take a look at the site, and get busy making your very own giraffe!



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    • Mieka profile image

      Mieka 8 years ago

      It is, isn't it. And I hope that he will make it to the one million!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 8 years ago from the short journey

      What a very neat idea!