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Make portraits in Infinite Painter App with ease!

Updated on August 7, 2016
See! This was my trial..might not be so perfect anyhow!
See! This was my trial..might not be so perfect anyhow!

Familiarity breeds Content!

Actually, when I am talking about 'how to draw' don't think that I am an art student or a talented person. I used to draw, in school going age! But, now after I purchased infinite painter (just for a craze)I started scribbling which transformed into drawing and at present, that what's called painting!

Its so simple and interesting. You don't have to go for any pencil, eraser, paint or brush. All change their size, shape and texture according to your wish(better call it a wand)!

Infinite painter app is well popular that I don't think any need to explain about it. Still I might give you a brief description on it.

Infinite painter app gives the option of preparing projects according to our need let it be layer painting or painting on images. You can even trace the picture for easy sketching and then separate it from the original and start painting yourself! And the wonder is you can pin up the original picture you want to paint for reference on the screen itself!!

While sketching, you can choose the material you need according to the thickness and depth you require. As so select the sketch tool, you will go through so many options like Castell, Thoreau, Ester, Gilbert. Actually, Castell and Gilbert are my favourite! I haven't used Julian, Kurt or Willow yet. The app has such a wide variety of options that you would have to search or figure out new needs to use it!! Its better to sketch with Castell if your idea is to trace or to make an outline. If its a pencil drawing, Gilbert and Thoreau will do the rest. You have the tool even to mix and blend two different colours to get an artistic finish. You will soon learn that finger tips can work out a lot.

You have the option to choose colour by selecting the circle of colour, where you will get a palette of colours with the sign of a dropper. Select this dropper and a ring would appear on the screen. Drag it to the colour you need on the reference picture. That's don't have to dig your glasses deep to pick out the shades..

Pick tracing option
Pick tracing option
Know the primary tools
Know the primary tools

Familiarise the Pencil and the Paint tools

Pencil options
Pencil options
Paint options
Paint options

Step 1

Trace out the picture with the Castell tool. Import the image from your gallery and pin it up as the reference on the traced page. Enlarge it as much as it can be so that you can take regard of every minute colour variation. Don't forget to save copy of each step you complete so that if you feel you have made a mistake, you can start all over again from the point you like. Never darken the outline for while you paint, it would interrupt the colour you fill in.

Pin up the reference picture on the same plain
Pin up the reference picture on the same plain

Step 2

With the tool brush, choose the medium size to fill the traced sheet with first coating, which must be even and light shaded. Don't over shade again on the layer once shaded. I use Vrmeer in the paint option because its easy to get the flow and it spreads even. For primary layer its better to use the tool that covers a large area to make the job easy

Give the lightest shade first
Give the lightest shade first

Step 3

Pick the colour with the dropper by dragging the circle to the colour to be shaded over the first layer. It must be darker than the first, but not darker enough to end up the work! Paint over only the portions required as seen on the reference. Always keep an eye over the reference. For this too Vermeer is enough. But you need to adjust the size of the strokes by selecting the circle with an needle indicator next to the paint tool. Keep on putting layer over layer until you reach the darkest in the shade as on the reference.

Give the second coating
Give the second coating
Note the texture after blending
Note the texture after blending

Step 4

Blend the layers to give a smooth look by mixing. Select the circle with a swirl of brown and yellow colour. And drag your finger tip over the edge of layers to mix evenly. Dont scribble or drag in a zig-zag manner which would instead give a shaggy appearance. Move finger tip in one direction. Always dark shade over a light shade looks like a patch. This mixing helps to blend it to give a natural texture.

Make layer after layer
Make layer after layer

Step 5

Finish the darker portions last. Because these would be the minute areas where light plays hide and seek. A small mistake might ruin all your effort. So while doing the last layers, use most fine sized tools like Castell, Gilbert and Thoreau. And the portion that needs the most detail is of course the eye. Then its the lips and third the nose.

Darken to get the natural tone
Darken to get the natural tone

Step 6

And now, the hair. Painting hair calls for a lot of patience. Also, you need to be keen in finding the strokes which makes partition, strands and curls. Here too the first layer is plain and light , and the each layer over it is done with fine tipped tools. But mixing or blending isn't done much because hair gets the finish when each strand is distinguished.

The basic tone first
The basic tone first
And again darken it
And again darken it

Its Done!!

How is your portrait? Isn't it amazing to see one made by yourself? Feel proud being an artist!


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