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Make your own labels for candles and soaps

Updated on July 14, 2007

Making Soap and Candle Labels

In running my own soap making business I have gone through several verisions of what soap labels to use. Through all the versions it was always important to me that the labels had my business name (Kj's Crafts), the soap scent, and the ingredients. I have always used PowerPoint as the program to design the labels. In the end I found that small circle shaped labels worked best, as they worked with all the different shapes and sizes of soaps I make. For many years I would print them on sticker paper, but I recently went to just regular paper, as the sticker paper is so much more expensive and it can be frustrating removing them from the backing. So instead I just tape them on and it has made the labeling process go so much faster. Another change I have gone back and forth using is printing the scents on the labels or just leaving that part blank to write it in. When doing big batches it can be easier to type the scents and print a whole sheet or more of the properly labeled sticker labels. However, I often only have about 5 to 10 soaps to label at a time and with the sheets having over 20 labels it becomes easier to just print them blank and label them by writing scent as I go.

I have not done much candle labeling, but I have found that circle labels bigger than the soap ones work great for on the bottom. It is also good to add candle safety directions to the label. These are definitely worth printing on sticker paper, as just taping on does not work well with the larger circles.


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