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Making Fun Snack Baggies for Kids Using Clothes Pins

Updated on June 19, 2014

If you have kids or work with kids you will quickly realize there are only so many snack foods out there to keep little tummies full. This is a new twist on traditional snack foods. Use clothes pins to create fun, festive snack butterflies. They're so easy to make and they are sure to make any child happy. Plus, you can fill them with anything you see fit for a fun children's snack.


  1. Clothes pins
  2. Snack bags
  3. Tempora craft paint
  4. Pipe cleaners
  5. Small googly eyes
  6. Paint brush(es)
  7. Scissors
  8. Craft glue
  9. Two different kinds of snacks that are not very wet or greasy, crackers work best with either grapes, cherries, raisins, etc.

Step One: The Transformation

The time has come to begin the transformation of an ordinary, every-day clothes pin into a work of art your child or classroom will be proud of. Start by painting your clothes pins any color you want. Paint them black, paint them purple, paint them blacl and purple, or orange, red, and green. The choice is yours and there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of different ways you can paint a single ordinary clothes pin. Bring out the inner beauty of the clothes pin and your soon-to-be butterfly.

Step Two: I can see!!!!

After the paint has dried, use the craft glue to give your butterfly some eyes. They need a bit of expression and a pair of big eyes will certainly give them expression and personality.

Step Three: Cut and Twirl Antennae

Use your scissors to cut small pieces of the pipecleaner. They should be about an inch and a half long. Fold them in half then twirl the ends. It will look like a V with curly ends. This is your butterfly's antennae.

Step Four: More Glue

Glue the antennae on the back of the clothes pin buy putting enough glue to hold it. I would say use a dab about the size of your finger. Now, your butterfly has antennae!

Step Five: Insert Baggie/Wings

The next step is super easy. Insert the baggie into the clothes pin. Make sure the opening (zipper part of bag) is up (towards the antennae). These clear wings will really bring your butterfly to life.

Step Six: Bring on More Color

Fill each side of the snack bags with whatever kind of treat you want. This is where your own personal tastes can come in. You can choose fruit and crackers, only crackers, only fruit, or even put candy in your butterfly wings. The choice is youRs, just have fun with it.

Quick Review of Steps
Quick Review of Steps

Imagine going to work and eating the same thing everyday. Sadly, most children who go to school go through that routine. Break free from the guidelines. Make something fun and creative to brighten up any child's day. This project is too fun and simpe not to try. Your child(ren) can even help. Let your imagination and creativity run wild to make this project your own.


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