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Making the Best of Amateur Photography

Updated on January 30, 2011

Get the best photo


Sample Photo
Sample Photo | Source

Sunrise in the City Theme by proactrdv

Sunrise in the city
Sunrise in the city

Down town theme by proactrdv

Down town
Down town

Morning on my Street Theme by proactrdv

Morning on my Street
Morning on my Street

Get the Best From Your Photography

There is more to just taking pictures than just aiming and shooting. If you really enjoy taking photos and have a passion for it then you should invest in a fairly good camera. The more pixels the better. There are fairly affordable cameras that have good features. I would look for a digital camera that has both auto focus and manual. This would allow you to get creative with your camera. Study your manual carefully and know your camera. Practice on it a lot before you really get into using it. You need to become comfortable with it. Using its features should be like second nature to you. Once you've mastered it there are a few things you should learn even before you start snapping shots. Get comfortable with your surroundings. If you are taking nature shots and want to keep the scenes of anamals natural then you might want to keep your distance and use your zoom feature. You should take more than one picture and also several angles. It is not about getting one photo right it is about selectivity. The final selection of pictures are the pictures that you want to display. Check for clarity, obstructions, lighting conditions, and the best possible angles. In taking any picture you should give it a theme. This will help you in deciding what pictures that you want to take. Take a picture that you would want to see as well as share. In some instances you would want to use the side effects feature of your camera. Black and white or some color filtering such as a blue shade may help detemine the mood you want to set. For example a children's event or taking pictures at a carnival or zoo. What if you want a picture to be humorous. Then you may want to angle your picture in such a way as to make it funny and someone would get a good laugh out of watching it. Learn how to take pictures of public events in such a way as not to intrude and interfere with others or activities.  When positioning yourself and paying close attention to your surroundings makes a difference. Also this is when your zoom feature comes into play. In a public event you may want to choose a wide angle panoramic shot as to not clearly distinguash any particular person but focus on the event itself such as a salesman promoting a product. Keep in mind you want to enjoy taking your pictures but not get anyone upset. After all you care about your privacy and don't want to end up in someone's picture. If you are at a family gathering just be sure to follow the same rules about intrusiveness and interfering. Try your best to keep the pictures natural. Some people want to ham it up when they know their picture is being taken. Remember there is no need to start out with a cheep camera when using a digital camera. When using the less modern film cameras this would have been the thing to do because of purchasing film but this is no more. So get started. Practice, use your features, set up your tripod to get a good picture if need be such as a nature picture or portrait. Amateur photography can be lots of fun because you are doing it for your enjoyment.



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