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Coloring Books for Adults

Updated on February 9, 2018

The New Coloring Form Is A Mandalas

Coloring books for adults are a huge craze that has become a new hobby for thousand of adults. They are relaxing and fun. You can create artwork that can be framed, used on greeting cards, scrapbooks and paper projects. You are only limited by your imagination.

Mandalas were the original form where this new coloring form started. They were a form of religious art.found in some form in almost every religion. It is most often found in a circle form which represents the eternity in nature. Often the sun, the moon and even birds nest are reflected in the design. The word mandala is Sanskrit for circle.

Why would the circle be significant? Think about all the things that are spherical. The planets, the sun, moon and stars are all round. The sun rises and sets in a never ending circle. The seasons go in a circular pattern. Think about all the fruits and vegetables in nature as spherical or circular. Even the cells that make up everything in our world are circular.

Native American mandalas came in the form of dream catchers. In the "East" mandalas were part of the religious practices. Christian churches have used mandala round patterns in the beautiful round church stained glass windows. They have been part of almost every culture and religion known to man.

Now they have become popular bringing a new art form to life. We celebrate our love of nature and color through a relaxing form of coloring that anyone can do without any art training. The time that you take to color a mandala can be the most relaxing time of your day. It can calm you, relax you, get you into a meditative state and is just fun ! Bring out the child in you and color a mandala today.

They are a perfect craft for a family night ! They are also an inexpensive craft for children's groups! Great for scouts, art classes, and summer camps !

Why Take The Time To Color?

I don't know about you but my love of coloring goes way back to kindergarten. remember that we would get a new box of these very big crayons in kindergarten. I loved coloring then and my love of coloring morphed into colored pencils, markers, watercolors and even some dabs at painting.

Now I am a paper and scrapbook artist and I am renewing my love of coloring in mandalas and through zentangles. Not only do I enjoy the time to do my art, but it is so relaxing. It wipes my stress away, gives me peace and improves my concentration.

The great thing about mandalas is that you can create a piece of art, with just a printed paper and some crayons or colored pencils. Or if you are like me, you take it a step farther and add more. My point is, it's an inexpensive hobby that anyone can do. You don't have to have any art ability or training at all.

One of my mandalas-colored in May of 2015
One of my mandalas-colored in May of 2015

Have You Ever Done A Coloring Page?

Mandalas are very popular. Have you ever colored a mandala?

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Coloring Mediums For Mandalas

The kinds of coloring mediums that you can use to color mandalas are only limited by your imagination and creativity. You can, of course borrow your kids crayons or get some of your own. You could use colored pencils as I often do. But your markers would offer a really bright alternative. I am thinking of my Spectrum Noir pens and all the shading techniques that you could try. Why not think about water colors? ( I would suggest printing them on heavier paper if you will be using water colors. Then there are always chalks and pastels. You can think about what you have available and even use mixed media on your mandalas. The great thing is that it is your art, so all the choices are yours?

Mandala Tip

If you want to use ink pens or watercolors to color mandalas, use heavier paper to print your mandalas. Water color paper or cardstock would be a good choice

Think About A Coloring Party

How about getting a few friends together and have a mandala party ! All you need is some printed pages, some coloring tools and the refreshments of your choice ! I guarantee you will bring out the inner artist in your friends

It would also be a great ideas at a slumber party ! Just lay out the pages and let your young guests have at it

More Uses & Ideas For Mandalas

I have been really thinking about the ways that I could use this art form in other projects and here are some of my thoughts....

  • I have been thinking of my scrapbook pages ! I am planning on using mandalas as backgrounds. They could also be sized down and repeated to create a border and other décor
  • I am thinking how nice they would be used on greeting cards. Since you are coloring them, you can get creative in your design
  • As a wall hanging ! Just create your art in the color and design that you would like and frame them as a unique piece of art for your home
  • In an art journal ! I can really see some colorful mandalas in my art jouranals

Create Your Own Mandala

You can free hand draw a mandala easily enough, but I really like this mini mandala maker. This is a really fun project to do with your kids too. You place the paper in the paper holder and then place the stencil on top of the paper. You use the stencil to create your design by rolling it around ion the paper.

Mandalas In Scrapbooking

Mandalas are a nice touch to a scrapbook design
Mandalas are a nice touch to a scrapbook design

Mixed Media Mandalas

Why just limit yourself to paint, pens or crayons. You can add lots of elements to make your mandalas just the art that your imagination sees. Add glitter and glitter glue. Add buttons, feathers, or sequins. You can make it anything that you want it to be ! There are no rules !

Mandala Tip

If you don't have a compass, you can use different round bowls, glasses, or shapes to create your own mandala. Look around your craft room or home and you will find what you need !

Draw Your Own Mandala

Mandala Coloring Books-Perfect Gift

Mandala coloring books are a perfect gift for yourself ! It's great because you can travel with them. Perfect for a plane trip for yourself or one of your children. Also a very thoughtful gift for anyone having chemo, confined at home or in a nursing home. That and some colored pencils, and a pencil sharpener are a nice way to be able to give them something to do and focus on. I have given these to my older grandchildren and they have enjoyed them a lot !

Color Your Mood

It has been said that coloring actually effects your mood. They can calm you down or give you energy.

  • Cool Colors- like blue, green and purple have a calming effect. Use them to chill out and get relaxed
  • Warm Colors- like red, orange, yellow are picker uppers. Try them when you want to brighten your mood.
  • Bright Colors are energizing so turn to them when you need some energy
  • Dark Colors-carry a relaxing energy and can be used to slow down an overactive mind

So when you feel life's pressures pressing on you physically and mentally, try color as a way to get to the place that you want to be.

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    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 2 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      They are very addictive ! And you will find relaxing too ! There are quite a few free printouts floating on the internet

    • Amanda6868 profile image

      Amanda M 2 years ago from Unknown

      I will definitely make sure to try this one time.

    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 2 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      Thank you ! I felt the color combination really worked with the layout

    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 2 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      I am so very much into these, Not only as an art form but also on my scrapbook layouts, greeting cards and art journals

    • sheilamarie78 profile image

      sheilamarie78 2 years ago

      Such a nice way you used the mandala design on your scrapbook. Pretty!

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

      Very pretty. Thank you for the information and ideas.