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Drawing - How To Draw From Observation

Updated on October 11, 2010

Drawing From Observation Guide Books And How To See To Draw From Amazon

Drawing From Observation Useful Methods

Drawing from Observation is perhaps one of the best forms of seeing to create art, it is the important process of seeing a real life scene or subject of interest of which you want to capture and translating that scene onto a piece of paper or canvas for painting. Observational drawing is very important if you want to learn how to see and get all of the proportions of everything you see into scale.

As drawing methods go, this is one of the earliest I remember at art school and at college, the act of drawing still life subjects at close range and long range landscapes is part of the standard study process in art, often times you take out of this excercise what you put in and seeing is believing that you can draw impossible things if you always practice and work at it that is.

Once you have understood and make this drawing routine part of your daily or weekly drawing routine, then your drawings would often and could be created from memory for more imaginative drawings if the need appeared for spontaneous projects and paintings. The mind is a wonderful thing to remember and process everything you see, so make use of taking in everything you see and even hear as it all adds to your art.

Ways Of Drawing By Observation

  • Setting up your workspace around the subject to draw, you can arrange your drawing setup so that it faces the real life subject and this helps you to capture the scene in real time quickly if you need to be quick to capture the right lighting.
  • Looking for simple ways to draw a complicated scene or real life arrangement, then just draw lightly and keep your eyes focused on the task at hand, exploratory pencil marks at first may be the best way of working.
  • By looking more into the scene you are drawing rather than your attempts at drawing can help your drawing hand instinctively pick up and carry the scene through.
  • Never try to draw things straight off, always instead try to sketch loosely and translate what you see and this will become a natural way of working with sketching scenes of real life.
  • Once you have sketched your drawing of whatever, try placing your drawing against a wall or distance yourself from the drawing, to see how your art looks objectively, this works to some degree because you walk outside of your work area and look at your drawings as a possible outsider.
  • Capturing a scene comes down to one top method and that is selection of composition, how you want your drawing arranged on the paper or canvas, this is up to you the artist and that's what makes it exciting with drawing, as artists can't be restricted by one set way of scene arrangement as the possibilities should be infinite.
  • Taking photographs may be the prefered method of drawing and painting, from files of photos you can take original photos and then create unique art based on those photos and this to most artists is the best way of observation that you can take anywhere.

Drawing can seem quite daunting when you are confronted with that blank piece of white paper and you have chosen a scene to transfer to that blank page, just remember when you plan to do drawing, it's best to just sketch and not to worry too much about getting things perfect as drawing and any type of art is about the experiments and the trial and error of working things out for yourself, the artist which is you, needs to draw and learn at every given opportunity.

Seeing And Drawing From Observation Video

Drawing From Observation

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