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A Mini Glue Gun Makes a Great Craft Glue Gun

Updated on May 12, 2011

A Mini Glue Gun is Great for Arts and Crafts

A mini glue gun is great for arts and crafts. One of the great pleasures of crafting is starting off with a mix of different materials and ending up with a completely new item. Typically, at some point, that involves sticking those materials together and this is where glue guns for arts and crafts come into their own.

Whereas the glue that comes out of a normal glue pot or stick is cold, or at best room temperature, a glue gun produces hot glue, and that provides a stronger to hold your craft items together.

Hot glue guns are also great for small repair jobs around the house, and using them can get addictive. Be careful or you may find yourself moving stealthily round the house, glue gun in hand, searching for things to fix and repair. No loose button, or wobbly tray will ever be safe again.

A craft glue gun works by melting solid sticks of glue which are inserted into one end of the gun, and expelling the glue through a small nozzle to allow accuracy of placement of the glue.

Be aware that when the glue comes out it is hot and if you touch it be accident you’re likely to get burnt so always follow the manufacturers safety instructions and where possible do your gluing on a heat resistant mat.

Glue Guns for Arts and Crafts

Glue guns are available in both industrial and hobby form, though unless you are intending to use yours for major DIY repairs the glues guns for arts and crafts on the market will completely suit your purposes. Within the craft glue gun market there are both full size glue guns and mini versions.

Feature wise there is little difference between many of the full size and mini glue gun versions, and the main differentiating factor is that the mini glue guns take a smaller size glue stick and can be easier to handle, especially for children who naturally have smaller hands - though remember that whatever type of hot glue product you use you should never let a child use it without proper adult supervision.

Hot Glue Gun Tips

It's always important to understand the product you are buying and using and craft glue guns are no exception to this. The following video provides some good tips to get the best out of your crafting experience. 

How To Use a Glue Gun

Mini Glue Guns Available Online

 There are a wide range of mini glue guns available, many with different features so make sure you buy the right one for you.

Darice, a well known name in the crafting world has a number of products on the market including the Darice 10850 with trigger feed action and non-drip nozzle, and the 10882 low temp version which is great for delicate materials such as ribbon.

If you want your glue gun to have form as well as function there are some brightly colored versions around such as the bright pink version by Generic Memory, or the rather fabulous floral version to your right.


Handmade Photo Album Using Glue Gun

Hot Glue Gun Crafts

 There are many types of crafts that can be done using a hot glue gun.

Mini glue guns can help you with everything from soft furnishings to scrapbooking and jewelry making.


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    • kidscrafts profile image

      kidscrafts 5 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

      I work with a special glue gun that has a nice base to stay up. I work with a lot of kids so I prefer when it's really standing. But people are so used to see glue gun on the side that sometime people put mine on the side as well.... really strange! It was a little bit pricy....but I used a coupon to buy it at 50% off :-)

      And like you suggest...when I am not using my glue gun for crafts...I repair all kind of stuff around the house!

      Voted up and useful!