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Minnesota Musing: Drill Bits to Bits of Information About Wood Burning

Updated on January 1, 2017
The type of bit we used. Called a Spade bit.
The type of bit we used. Called a Spade bit. | Source

Drilling Holes Using a Single Bit Drill Press Was Tedious

The other day, my daughter and I completed a hole drilling project in a piece of old wood, called barn board, that was eventually enclosed in a slight frame and she now uses it to hold her 40 plus bottles of acrylic paint that she uses in her gallery.

My thoughts, while drilling all these holes, was that if we had to start producing these holders for other people, that we'd better come up with a better idea for drilling the holes. A multi hole driller would be ideal.

I Googled for Ideas on How to Build a Multi Drill

I started by Googling chucks. Well. You don't end up with anything remotely connected to drilling with chucks. So, I googled drill bits, which led to information on how to create your own drill bits, which led to more videos, and I ended up watching multiple videos on how to burn designs in wood using electricity.

Now, mind you, my son has shown me the electricity burner that he built and that was pretty cool to watch. Extremely dangerous, but I think a person could sell their finished pieces. A person would probably lose their personal interest in the process, but others who were not so informed, would probably still find it fascinating.

Multi Chuck Drill Press

I wouldn't think that it would be too difficult to build a multi chuck drill press. If a person did not need to change the bits, something more simple could be constructed.

Using a Nail as a Drill Bit

I Apologize for my Change of Subjects

This almost compares to when you clean your closet and you think it's just going to be a simple job and hours later, you find you haven't cleaned anything, but have lost yourself in the contents of your closet, admiring things that you'd forgotten were even in that closet.

Yeah. This page is somewhat like cleaning a closet.


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