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How To Create A Good Mobile App Design?

Updated on August 4, 2016
Mobile App Design
Mobile App Design | Source

A mobile user is always on the lookout for smashing colours and visually rich interfaces. This has created a ground for app development companies to give liberty to their designers and bring out stunning mobile app designs. It is important for an application to have superior design elements that engage users. Design specialists are in the know of design trends, demographics-wise design preferences. However it is important to take a moment from assumptions and see the big picture. Creating a good mobile app design needs giving importance to minute things like menu spacing, margins, textual placements, navigation details, colour elements in all sections of the app, buttons, styles, push message themes, contrasts and overall layout. Here are a few points to consider while creating impressive mobile app designs:

Delivering Usability

Your app needs to have usable features and qualities. Users (your target audience) must find it easy to use failing which they may delete the app. The first step for app engagement is having a good usability. Users need to find the purpose of buttons and navigation tools.

Keeping a Simple Navigation

Mobile users prefer ease of use. Mobile has lesser space (to clearly showcase menus) than desktops. A drop down menu option saves a lot of space. Mobile app designers must not follow or keep in mind the illustrious multi level menu option in desktops. Mobile sites and mobile device applications need to have minimal and focused visual presentations. Users must easily find whatever they are searching for an app. Your message to your customers must be loud and clear. Every detail and information must be handed out to your user without including clutter and congestion in the overall look and feel of an app. A user’s actions must not be blocked. He/she must be able to navigate with ease.

Goal Driven Design

You need to design your app keeping in mind your target user. You must carry out interviews, do research and perform surveys on your potential audience. Your design elements must be in line with the preferences of your target audience. User research will let you find your goal. Create user personas as it will determine your app usage. Bring out a workflow for your app that has specific user-oriented goals.

Understanding of User Experience

User Experience or UX documentation is an integral part of mobile app design. Every word and line placed on the screen must be uniformly put up with proper margins and spaces. Width and heights between each element gives a free flowing visual feeling.

Creating effective content and user flows go hand in hand. Build multiple drafts and design prototypes before finalising. Chalking out everything and putting them on paper will make it easier for your to briefly outline your app’s requirements.

While considering user experience your mobile design must focus on device-specific nuances such as hand movement, thumb placement, finger movement.

User interface (UI) and UX are correlated areas and their success depends on user expectations. Tapping, touching, swiping, zooming and other touch related gestures must be depicted neatly in your interaction design.

Include Mobile Specific Features

There are several complex features included in mobile devices. As a successful mobile app designer your aim must be to foresee the usage of these features. You must be able to see your app’s functionality that is the features used by your customers must be a part of a good user experience.

Whether your app has GPS or other sensors you can make design inclusions like ‘Tap to Call’ or ‘slide to unlock’. Features like these would introduce easy to use and share-friendly features. Stay updated on mobile trends (be smarter and think ahead of time) in order to implement mobile specific functionality for a successful mobile experience.

If you want to know more about mobile designs and processes involved in UX documentation you can explore:


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      2 years ago

      Nice introduction article for new Mobile App Designers. I work primarily as a quality assurance tester with focus on security features on my employer's website. The point you make concerning testing the User Interface for User Experience Issues to spot on!.

      I would also like to add that mobile devices use different Operating Systems and Browsers. It would be good to have someone test the new app on smartphones and tablets with the various operating systems (Android, Windows, Apple).


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