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Modern Abstract Pastel Crayon Drawing

Updated on April 5, 2015

Abstract Soft Pastel Crayon on Colored Paper.

Invention of the Wheel
Invention of the Wheel

Modern Abstract Soft Pastel Crayon Drawings.

Yesterday I made my next soft pastel drawing. I didn't make the pastel crayon drawing in one day because I had to prepare the background first with watercolor.
In the shop you can find many different types of paper especially for soft pastel and lately I bought some blue colored paper. Which is great because you get rid of the pure white color of the ordinary paper.
Of course it depends on your style of drawing, but I like an open drawing where the color of the paper plays an important role. Some pastel drawings fill completely the paper and that's fine if it suits your goal, but I use soft pastel in a different way.
But even if you like to fill the paper completely with your soft pastel then the color tone of the paper can be important. If you work for instance on a dark background like blue,purple or black the lighter colors will stand out. The yellows and whites will be very intense which is great. Many people think that soft pastel colors are soft and without any power. Untrue. Pastel can be really powerful, the colors can really stand out and be vibrant and strong.
That's why I like soft pastel, it has the potential to be very strong and powerful but also you can use the colors subtle.

I started out with buying colored paper but soon I realized that I preferred more nuance in the background. The disadvantage of colored paper is that it dominates quickly. The color is all the same all over the paper and not really lively.
That's why I started to make my own colored paper for soft pastel. By using watercolor I give the paper a wash first, mixing the watercolor in a plastic cup so I have enough for a big surface. Then I wet the paper and put the watercolor on the wet paper and let it dry.

The next day when the watercolor is dry I start to draw with soft pastel and if necessary with other materials like ink or charcoal as well.
The drawing process is a very intuitive process that's best described as an improvisation jam session. Like jazz musicians improvising on a theme.

Binary World. - Abstract Soft Pastel Cayon Drawing on Watercolor Paper

Binary World
Binary World

A great soft pastel crayon set.

Talens Rembrandt Soft Pastels, 60 Half Stick Set
Talens Rembrandt Soft Pastels, 60 Half Stick Set

The two makes of soft pastel crayons I use are Talens and Schmincke. Talens is a bit harder but it has a great flexibility in what you can do with it. The colors are great.


Abstract art with soft pastel as main material.

I prefer drawing above painting. This is very personal, some people are more into painting or sculpting or playing the bass guitar. I'm into drawing. And I love soft pastel. Soft pastel gives me the opportunity to draw lines in intense colors but also it has the potential to be very subdued.

The way I draw is very direct. I hardly have a plan. I do have a plan but this is often very abstract, like : I want a certain order in the drawing, or the drawing should start at the right side of the paper or the drawing needs to have an open space in the middle.

How abstract my pastel crayon drawings may be I always need a idea to start with. Sometimes I already have the title, other times I found a photo on the internet that captured my attention and I use it as a source of inspiration.

The process of drawing is almost in a state of zen like meditation. I need to be concentrated and relaxed at the same time. I do not use and eraser so everything I do must be right the first time. No corrections. And line by line the drawing opens up and shows itself.
It is a process that I learned myself by experience, Making a piece where color line and space find the right place. I see them as personalities that live in the world.. The world that's created on the paper by me but in the end like any child goes into the wide world and is their own boss.


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