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Monogram Embroidery Essentials

Updated on November 23, 2011

Monogram Embroidery

Embroidered monograms are the best way to personalize clothing and other accessories like handbags, towels, gloves, hats, belts, scarves, and so forth. Before you set out to get a few of your belongings embroidered, here are a few useful tips on monogram embroidery that you should take into consideration.

  • Right placement- Monogram is a piece of art, which sparkles only when it occupies the right place. For instance, in polo shirts, the right place is 1’’ from the bottom edge of the cuff or upper corner of the pocket. If you’re intending to get your sweatshirt monogrammed, then the right spot would be 4’’ below the neck seam. In the case of hand towel, the monogram looks good when it is placed about 3’’ above the bottom hemline. In pillowcases, duvet covers and neckroll shams, the embroidered letter should be in the center.
  • Size matters- Size is an important aspect of monogram embroidery, which shouldn’t be ignored. While oversized letters look awkward, undersized script literally disappears in the background. A good-sized monogram not only stands out, but also enhances the appearance of the clothing. Small letters look good on apparel such as shirts, robes, t-shirts, socks, etc. For bed sheets, coverlets, jacket backs, large-sized fonts should be used. Medium-sized letters are appropriate for hand towels, bath sheets, wash cloth and tub mats.
  • Lettering rules- In monogram embroidery, only the initial letters of the name are used. For example, if your name is John Ellen Hart, then either JEH or JHE will be used. If you don’t have a middle name, then first two initials letters of your name will be used. If the last word of the name has an apostrophe like Mary Lisa O’Malley, then O will be placed in the center and it will be slightly bigger than M and L. For couples who share the surname, the husband’s initial is placed on the left and the wife’s on the right. In the center, the first letter of the surname is placed.
  • Monogram styles- The most commonly used styles in monogram embroidery are single-letter, classic style, block style and mix n match. Single-letter style is commonly used in totes, caps, polo shirts, and the like. The embroidered monogram is approximately 5’’ tall and consists of just one letter. In the classic style, the initials of the name are embroidered together either in same color or different colors. Block style is quite similar to classic style, except in this case, block letters are used instead of script. The monogram is larger and easier to decipher. In mix n match style, both block and script lettering are used. If the name consists of three words, then the first and last initials will be in block, and for the middle initial script lettering will be used.
  • Thread color- Monogram embroidery leaves a lasting effect only if appropriate thread colors are used. If single color is used, make sure that it is not too similar to the background. If two or more colors are used, then they should complement one another perfectly.


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