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How to Repaint Monster High Dolls

Updated on April 13, 2016
Repainted Frankie Stein Doll by Donna anne
Repainted Frankie Stein Doll by Donna anne

Monster High Doll Customs and Repaints

How to repaint Monster High Dolls.

Monster High Dolls have almost taken over Barbie dolls in the top position for popular dolls. New on the scene just a few years ago, Monster High Dolls by Mattel have become enormously popular among doll customizers and repaint artists.

With fantasy skin colors of pink, green, blue, purple and more, and hair to match, these dolls are super cute and fun to collect as well as customize. They come in a huge variety of looks, with each doll using a different face mold, hair color and they all have their own personalities and style.

It used to be that the most popular dolls for doll artists to repaint and customize were Barbie, Tonner dolls and Ball Jointed Dolls. The latest trend has been to repaint Monster High Dolls. Even some world class doll artists are painting these little dolls. Everyone wants to learn how to repaint and customize them because they are so fun and totally different from anything else!

Monster High Dolls are supposed to be the children of famous monsters and they all go to the same high school together. Monster High is a popular cartoon, and you can even find mini 3 minute episodes on You-Tube. There have been several movies made with of them as well, such as 13 Wishes and Frights, Camera, Action. When a new movie comes out, there is usually an associated doll line released. Sometimes it features new characters, sometimes old characters in new outfits with new accessories and props.

Monster High Dolls have cute names like Frankie Stein, Draculaura, and Clawdeen Wolf. All the doll names hint at their heritage and what kind of monster they are. There are vampires, sea creatures, zombies, werecats and many more. As strange as some of these sound, they are not at all creepy, but really cute and well done.

The clothing for these dolls is adorable, and the shoes are amazing. The clothes are too small to fit Barbie dolls, and Barbie's clothes are far too large for Monster High Dolls. A lot of collectors have started buying clothes on Etsy or Ebay for their dolls.

Mattel releases new characters every year, so you have literally dozens to choose from. With such a large amount of dolls to choose from, repainting Monster High Dolls is a fun and creative way to create your own unique custom doll.

If you look on eBay you will find lots of custom Monster High Dolls. Some of them are so beautifully repainted or have amazing custom OOAK outfits. You can buy just a repainted doll, a complete one of a kind outfit, or a complete one of a kind doll with a repaint in full costume.

Monster High OOAK Doll by Donna Anne

Repainted and Customized Venus McFlytrap doll by Donna Anne's Fantasy Dolls
Repainted and Customized Venus McFlytrap doll by Donna Anne's Fantasy Dolls

How to Customize your Dolls

It can be very expensive to collect all the Monster High doll you fall in love with, as there are so many! This may be what inspires so many people to try to learn how to customize or repaint their own Monster High Dolls. This is when you need a complete Monster High tutorial to help you.

How do I repaint a Monster High Doll? How to do Face ups…how do I reroot my doll… how do I make a Monster High Custom? These are questions that a lot of people want to know about these dolls. It is an awful lot of fun to customize your own dolls, but most people have no idea of how to go about starting.

I found that while there is a lot of information and Monster High Doll tutorials online, they are lacking in detail and you really won’t learn all you need to know. Watching a You-Tube video is a great way to get an introduction to learning the basics of a repaint or face up but they are far too short on the details.

The problem with online doll customizing tutorials is that many aren’t very good, and you have to search all over to find ALL the information you need.

To customize Monster High Dolls and learn to repaint them the correct way you need to know exactly what supplies you need, how to use them, what works and what doesn’t work. Peer to peer questions and answers might give a little help, but they won’t help you truly learn how to repaint your dolls. It will help you a lot if you can learn from a professional doll artist with many years of experience if you want to create the best dolls you possibly can.

This is the exact reason I decided to write a brand new instructional tutorial CD on how to repaint, do face ups and all the basic hair information you need to know to learn to customize Monster High Dolls. After offering Barbie and other doll customizing Cds for ten years, I couldn’t ignore my most favorite dolls of all time, my Monster High girls!

I have been a doll repaint and customizing artist since 2001, having created well over a thousand OOAK ( one of a kind ) dolls. I found that the lack of useful information to be a detriment to learning how to repaint dolls, so I took it upon myself to write doll customizing tutorials and put them on CD.

Most of my doll tutorials are hundreds of pages long and cannot be simply condensed into a short video or webpage photo tutorial. If you really want to be a success at customizing dolls, you should be learning all the details and steps to assure your success.

There are two different methods you can use to do either a repaint or a face up on your Monster High Doll. I often get asked what is the difference between a repaint and a face up. As myself and many others define it, a repaint is done with all or mostly acrylic paints. A face up is what is customarily done on ball jointed dolls( BJD) and is done using artist grade soft pastels and professional quality watercolor pencils, and then sealed with a high quality matte sealer.

Custom Monster High Doll

Learning to customize your dolls

On my Monster High Makeovers tutorial Digital Download I show you BOTH methods for customizing your dolls. You will learn all about how to repaint dolls with acrylic paints and sealers as well as how to successfully use soft pastels and watercolor pencils. In addition, I also did a whole big section all about doll hair! AND as a bonus I have also included a chapter on trouble shooting the most common problems when doing face ups or doll repaints.

One of my happy clients went from disgusted with her attempts at face ups to thrilled with the first one she did after using my tutorial. She sent me the photos so I could see for myself how much my tutorial helped her. I was so impressed and honored that I could be of help to her.

Having all the right supplies and equipment is critical to a good doll repaint and I tell you exactly what brand, size, shape and color you need on all the brushes, paints, etc. Nothing left to chance, I guide you through your repaints and face ups step by step with tons of photos clearly showing each and every step.

You will learn not only what to do, but HOW to do it. You won’t just see one Monster High Doll makeover, but FOUR complete repaint/ face ups on four different dolls.

Repainting dolls takes a lot of practice, so make sure to start out using the less expensive dolls. Most likely you will be removing that face paint many times before you are satisfied with your first doll.

If you think this is something you would like to try, take a peek at my Monster High Makeovers tutorial description and give it a shot! I warn you though, it is a very addictive hobby and may turn into an obsession. And who knows? You might be the next great repaint artist!

If you would like to see my style of doll repaints, come check out my website, Pinterest or Flikr page. I also have a brand new doll customizing blog that in the coming months and years will have TONS of articles and photos all about doll customizing.

Custom Frankie Stein Peacock Fairy

Visit my blog to see how I made this Frankie Peacock Fairy Doll
Visit my blog to see how I made this Frankie Peacock Fairy Doll

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