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Decorate Clay Pots With a Splatter-Paint Technique or Napkins

Updated on May 2, 2021
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Patricia is someone whose life is centered around family. Each day is one more opportunity to show my loved ones how much they mean to me.

A Finished Pot


Splattered and ready to find a home...


Necessary supplies

  • paint brush
  • white or black house paint/flat
  • toothbrushes
  • container of water
  • container to hold paint and glue mixture
  • craft paints, assorted colors
  • acrylic spray
  • two-ply napkins
  • scissors
  • work space, covered with washable or disposable material or dedicated to crafting

**Use whatever color you choose for the base paint on the splatter paint pots.

Decorating pots for fun and for gifts is an activity you can do with a group of friends and family. It is also a solitary DIY activity that you will enjoy. I have shown how to accomplish this in two other videos but am updating and adding another interesring twist.

In this article you will see:

  • how to splatter paint a pot creating a unique design.
  • how to decorate a pot with homemade crafting glue and napkins on a larger pot than I have used previously.

Getting ready to have some fun


Large Pot Painted White, View 1


Large Pot Painted White, View 2


Desert Storm

Desert Storm was a very unsettling time for all of us. To express my feelings during that time, this idea came to me. I purchased pots, many of them, and splatter-painted them. As a result so many were on hand that they were sold at a craft fair.

Prep and splatter-painting

  • Paint your clay pot white or black, using flat paint. Allow to dry. Then follow the remainder of the steps.
  • Pour small amounts of each color of paint into a small washable container.
  • Dip toothbrush in paint. Direct at the pot and gently run the pencil down the length of the bristles. This will disperse paint onto the pot. If you wish to have a particular color on the whole pot, continue this same technique till the whole pot is covered.
  • Then rinse brush well, dry, and load up with the next color.
  • You can have multiple brushes if desired. You can purchase them at the dollar store.
  • Continue with as many colors as you desire.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Spray with acrylic spray

Possible uses:

trash can (for paper to recycle)

gift 'basket'

door stop

home for a plant

container for small toys

container for magazines

This is definitely one I will be trying....

Taa Daa all finished,acrylic spray applied, and waiting for a plant


Make your own crafting glue

Modge podge has gotten way too expensive. I looked at prices of it in the store and decided, nay nay. I figured wherever I can save a dime is a good thing.

To make your own crafting glue:

  • One clean container with a lid
  • Elmer's or other white glue
  • water

Make in a 2:1 ratio, glue to water.

Pour glue in container. Water, Shake. Ready to use. Store as you would any glue.

Decorated terra cotta pots: what can I do with them

birthday, holiday, shower, wedding
plant holders
pot plants you wish to keep indoors or on a closed in porch
(large) magazine or book holder
great to hold a collection of magazines or books
(large) trash receptacle
place clean paper you will shred or recycle in a decorated pot
(large) toy container
small, soft animals or other toys fit nicely
(medium) cooking utensil holder
keep on your counter filled wtih utensils you use often

(large) Fill with pasta, pasta sauce, olive oil, parmesan cheese. Use your imagination: fill with whatever foods your friends or family may really like.

Glammed up and Home to Spring Flowers


A Work in Progress


Closer view: Notice lower left, white showing will be covered with more napkin later


A Small Ball of Napkin Placed in the Hole in the Pot, Covered with a Design Form the Napkin, Glue Applied


Base of Pot Covered with a Cute Section of Napkin


Pot Drying on a Bottle


Lower Portion of Pot Covered Now

Additional Design Added to the Rim...all Finished...


Filling in the hole in the base of the pot

  • Make a ball of napkin large enough to fill in the hole.
  • Place a cute design from a napkin and glue onto the base.
  • When it is dry, invert and repeat.
  • What I did on the pot in this article : i cut a round section large enough to cover the whole base of the pot, and the results are very pleasing.

Decorate using napkins and homemade crafting glue

  • First, paint your pot with a flat white paint, inside and out.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Choose two ply napkins with a design you wish to have on your pot..
  • Separate so that you only have the top layer.
  • If you only wish to use a portion of the design, cut out that part.
  • After the paint on the pot is completely dry, apply your glue mixture to the pot with a paintbrush.
  • Then lay the napkin design on the pot and cover with glue mixture.
  • Add as many as you wish.
  • When you have filled in the hole in your pot, and the pot is thoroughly dry, apply clear acrylic spray to protect the completed work.

Filling a Hole in a Terra Cotta Pot

To fill the hole in the base of a terra cotta pot:

  1. Roll a piece of napkin into a ball and flatten it.
  2. Place it in the hole of the pot
  3. Brush modge podge over the inside of the pot and invert the pot and do the same on the bottom
  4. When the bottom is dry, invert the pot and cover the spot with a design from a napkin you have used.
  5. Let dry and repeat on the bottom of the pot...remember to let the pot dry before inverting.

Closing thoughts

Experiment with splatter painting and with the napkin and gluing activity.

There really is no wrong way to do these two DIY projects.

Make it our own.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 Patricia Scott


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