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More Ideas To Draw For Kids

Updated on August 5, 2011

Yet More Ideas To Draw For Kids

Ideas to draw for kids was a previous hubpage in which there was a wide variety of drawing videos to find some ideas which could help kids draw some cool stuff and so carrying on from that premise, here is another batch of more ideas to draw for kids that you can use to inspire your kids or class children to draw something cool.

Maybe you would like to find out how to draw a crazy Harry Potter wand like in the video below and the very idea that a Wizard's wand could look like a twig is just a nice touch design wise. Or perhaps you would like to learn how to draw Pirates and even a Snowman, it's these types of things that are great starting points to help kids imaginations grow and their interest in art grow too, because art really does start off at an early age.

How To Draw A Harry Potter Type Wand Video

More Ideas To Draw For Kids

Great ideas for kids to draw...A Snowman perhaps.
Great ideas for kids to draw...A Snowman perhaps.

Draw A Cartoon Snowman Video

Large UFO Spaceship Drawing Video

This is a bit "Batteries Not Included" but it certainly compliments the quick UFO drawing I did in the other drawing hubpage. This spaceship drawing brought back memories of me drawing spaceships shooting lasers at other alien space craft as a child and you can see the whole sketch being pencilled which should hopefully give you some great ideas and fill you with inspiration.

Maybe this video will help you draw a spaceship of your own.

Drawing A Detailed Large UFO Spaceship Video

Draw Captain Hook Pirate Drawing Video

How To Draw A Pirate Video

Drawing Captain Hook And Pirates

Pirates are ace to draw because they are mixed with real life history and real life personalities that are exciting to think about trying to create.

Captain Hook and Pirates can be sketched and drawn to make them look like nasty bad villains and so in the spirit of the Yo Ho Ho I created a video on drawing Captain Hook and a normal Pirate which just might give you an idea or two and inspire you to draw some cool Pirates good or bad.

It's always a great idea to look to the movies and find anything you can either online by doing a Google search or reading and hunting down Pirate related books offline. Viewing reference images and reading Pirate stories, real or fiction are great stimulators for the imagination.

More Drawing Ideas For Kids

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    • Sinea Pies profile image

      Sinea Pies 6 years ago from Northeastern United States

      Very good Captain Hook likeness. I bought a how to draw book for my son when he was young and he almost wore it out practicing his drawing. He got pretty good at it, too.