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Most beautiful work of art

Updated on March 14, 2016

No, not everything is as gray and tiresome as we often convince ourselves! With a job to do, school and college, homework, bills to pay, ATM machines, washing machines, obligations and duties, alarm clocks, agendas and calendars, caught in a slight state of dullness, affected by monotony and routine, it is not that hard, without a trace of effort, to close our eyes before the magnificent beauty that surrounds us.

While trying to invoke most beautiful and most impressive work of art into my mind, a magnificent artwork called planet Earth revealed itself to me in its full glory.

Why? For I find it absolutely magical... If only you could notice the beauty in every step of its creation! Imagine all those atoms, all those tiny little particles coming together one by one, during a vast amount of time, only to form a pleasant home for you and , and all other creatures lucky enough to inhabit it.

Set your mind a bit further in the past, think of all the floods, all the volcano eruptions, all the celestial meteor showers and all other beating our planet has experienced and then look outside your window and tell me what you see. If you look up to the sky and try counting the stars, you will easily find it impossible. Step outside and feel the grass under your fingers. Isn’t it soft, smooth and comforting? Just like the warm sun shining upon us, just like the sheltering trees and a cool breeze in a hot, summer day.

The Wastewater Gardener: Preserving the Planet One Flush at a Time

picnic time!
picnic time!

Tell me, do you ever pay attention to all the variety, all the different forms and shapes life can take? We have been blessed with a fish swimming playfully in the deep water, a bird flying high above in the infinite sky, a gazelle dancing in the tall grass of savannah among the scattered trees, a weightless, fragile butterfly landing on your shoulder, mistaking it for a flower… Eventually, we have been blessed with each other so that we are not alone in our journey, while exploring this extraordinary, miraculous place!

The beauty of the planet Earth is a true perfection of our "Mother Nature", which has allowed us to enjoy and preserve this wealth for generations to come. Throughout countless books all over the world, endless magical beauty of our small planet Earth is being celebrated. Earth, as such, is unique and incredible, as I have stated. The variety and beauty of the planet is portrayed by many through art, photography, poetry in order to showcase the power that connects people with it’s very beauty.

Just think of a seed that fell to the ground. First, there is a seed, but then the seed is transformed and becomes another form of life, for example, a small tree. The seed died, whereas a tree was born. A tree turns into a solid trunk and becomes filled with white fragrant flowers. But then the flowers die, and the fruit is born. Fruit turns into beautiful juicy apples. Some rot on the ground, and some, perhaps through one's digestive tract return to very dirt where it all began. The apples die. The rest is wood. And so, season after season, life goes on, but does not disappear, it just changes form. And then one day, the tree also dies, rots and returns to earth, but the earth sprouts grass and flowers. Bees land on flowers and turn parts of it into honey. Life goes on. And in that honey is a fraction of that first seed that fell to the ground when the apple tree just started to develop, but now it is somewhat in a different form. Fascinating, is it not?

The Ecological City: Preserving and Restoring Urban Biodiversity

Once you really start to respect all forms of life, you shall feel true love, true life and freedom. Respect every part of yourself; when you are beautiful or less beautiful, when you are pleased, angry, clever, clumsy, confused, interesting... Comply with all seasons of life; spring, summer, fall, winter, youth, maturity, old age ... Respect people of different attitudes, looks, skin color, culture, ways of acting and understanding life. Cherish ​​all forms by which nature is expressed; sea, mountains, lakes, giraffes, ants, birds, clouds, sun, stars...

Conclusion? Open your eyes!


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