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Essential Scrapbooking Tools

Updated on October 18, 2010

Once you start to scrapbook and paper craft, do not be surprised if you begin accumulating several scrapbooking tools. Following is a list of items that I frequently use in my projects, and I recommend them to anyone who is getting started in this hobby:

Paper Trimmer

I cannot imagine scrapbooking without a paper trimmer. This must-have tool is needed to cut straight lines, and is good for making borders for layouts, as well as trimming photos to custom sizes.

Die Cut Machine

A die cut machine is another essential tool for serious scrapbookers. These are available as either manual machines, which use dies for cutting letters, numbers or shapes, or electronic machines, which use digital images, either from your computer or from cartridges. They eliminate the need to have massive quantities of storebought stickers on hand, giving users the ability to cut exactly what they need for their projects. Some even do embossing, which leads to the next must-have tool...

Embossing Machine

Give flat paper and card stock texture using an embossing machine, such as the Cuttlebug from Provo Craft or the Texture Boutique from Sizzix. These gadgets are super easy to operate - so easy, even the kids can help!

Tool for Punching Holes and Setting Rivets

I realized that quite a few projects I loved integrated paper fasteners and rivets. However, after nearly putting a fastener through my finger, and growing aggravated racking my brains on how to attach a rivet, I came across the Crop-A-Dile. This is one scrapbooking tool I use on a regular basis.

Craft Punches

Given that I possessed a Cricut machine, I did not believe I really had a need for any craft punches. However, after seeing the stunning results of those people who made use of the Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page scrapbook punches on their projects, I knew I had to pick up a few different styles to add to my scrapbooking arsenal. I also have a collection of corner rounder punches, which are good for using on photographs and mats.


Once you start scrapbooking, you will find you use a lot of adhesive - so much that you might even consider buying stock in one of the adhesive companies. I use to stock up on tape runners whenever I went to the craft store, but now I have the ATG tape gun from 3M. The ATG tape guns are reloadable, and they hold far more tape than your standard runners.

For now, that concludes my list of must-have scrapbooking tools. Of course, I am sure I forgot a few things! If you keep think of anything else to add to this list, feel free to do so by leaving a comment...

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