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Must Read 7 Tips for Beginners in Photography

Updated on June 13, 2019
Deepak Velayudhan profile image

Deepak is a technology enthusiast who loves photography and traveling. He is a Digital Marketer by profession and Vlogger by passion.

Love photography and wish to be a master?

So you have found the seed of a budding photographer within yourself. Great, let's not get a vague idea from multiple sources to proceed. Just keep these steps in mind before learning the basics and tips from anyone. These must follow rules are the basic tips every photographer must follow and practice.


"You don't take a photograph, you make it" - Ansel Adams

Lets begin.

As Ansel Adams said, one doesn't take a photograph but makes it. You are also going to make beautiful images out of emotions, visuals, lights, nature etc.

Let's have a look into the tips now.

Be crazy with the passion

One's passion for something can make the most out of it. In the field of photography, it can make wonders. The well-known photographers always have thrived and had a thirst to follow their passion under any situations. Being a beginner you must have the same passion to explore more, to learn more and to experience more.

Get the equipment for you

Now you need a camera to get your works done right. You can develop the skill from a basic camera, say even a smartphone camera. There is a myth here, that great or expensive cameras deliver amazing images. This is a baseless statement. Always remember, a camera doesn't take images, the person behind the camera takes images. So always get the right equipment under your budget. There are a number of cameras available in the market with almost all the settings needed to learn photography.

You don't need to purchase a high budget camera for this as you are a beginner. You can start your journey with the camera you can afford. In the future, you can think of upgrading your equipment.


Know the basics. Try them later

As a beginner, I advise you to go through basic photographic tutorials and journals which are simple to understand doesn't make things complicated. I am not explaining all those here. You can easily find cool blogs and Youtube materials to have a brief idea. After going through the basics, just try to have those in your photographs. This can help in taking as much as photos and learning in your own way. You are your own master here and don't get desperate and irritated if your images don't meet your expectations. Never mind, but gain the momentum and proceed.

Keep in mind to converge your images within the track of basics of photography. This can help in molding your passion in a more professional way.

Learn basic tips in photography

Be unique in your way

There are plenty of photographic enthusiasts like you who follow different methods of photography. Its normally called a signature. Each photographer tries to and uses his/ her signature or uniqueness in their creativity. You must visualize the object or scene in a different perspective from other. It can be done by making a change in elevation, angle, distance etc. This can make your images entirely different from the real.

Eventually, your photos will speak your mind and convey the emotions it upholds.


Learn while you shoot

Get your camera always with you on travel, meetups, drive and even for an evening walk. Chances of getting a good image are always unexpected. It can be at any time. Moreover, on different occasions, you can learn the lighting settings like ISO, shutter speed adjustments and aperture. Take as much as photos as you can. Unlike olden days you don't need to wash your film rolls and wait for it to get dry. It gradually polishes your skills. Remember the old saying, the first 1000 photos taken in a camera are bad photos.

Be updated and enjoy the process

All you need to take as much as photos you can and polish your skills now. Always try to make the learning process fun and creative. You can figure out the good pictures of your creation and share it through social media. Even you can create a page or blog for the same.

Eventually, you will know your areas of interest in photography. It can be a portrait, landscape, wildlife etc.

Remember, you are a kid.

After learning and experimenting your skills in photography, you may end up in having amazing pictures in your portfolio. It's pretty great to have those. Well done. But keep in mind, photography is a field where a trend, style, fashion, and technology have great influence. The trends and visuals get changing and become old. So polish your skills in such a way that you are still a kid to all these stuff.


Learn from the professionals.

As a beginner, you can always rely on some of the well-established photographers in your town or local area. I had consulted some well-known photographers in my area and gained many skills which helped me learn my masterpiece techniques. Never feel shy or ashamed of approaching them. Remember, you cannot learn photography, you just make it.

© 2019 Deepak Velayudhan


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