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Candle Reviews - Yankee, Bella, Slatkin and Co.

Updated on December 2, 2014
A lit candle can be so beautiful!
A lit candle can be so beautiful! | Source

My Candle Reviews

I love candles and based on observing the amount of candle stores and candle companies out there, so do many people. Candles have an interesting history, and now seem to be a source of pleasure more than anything else for people. I am convinced for instance, that there are candle collectors out there, and they know who they are! In a pinch, those folks will be ready for a long storm or power outage.

As I stated, candles bring joy to people. Perhaps it is through their ambiance, as the warm light is so nice. Often it is a way to freshen the air in the house, as people appreciate and like good smells around them all the time. Of course there are times it is nice for a dinner table setting or to set a romantic mood. Whatever it is, this hub is just a collection of reviews not just for others to look at when contemplating a new candle purchase, etc. It is also for myself to remember what I like and don't like in the way of candles. I will buy certain ones again perhaps, and not others. I would welcome any recommendations or favorites that you want to share as well.

You will find the name of the candle fragrance and the company that made it. I will use the word "throw", to talk about the scope of the fragrance inside a house, how far it reaches within a room or even into the next room. Some have stronger "throws" than others. Often, that is what people are going for in a candle.

**Candle Reviews**

Sparkling Cinnamon by Yankee Candle Company

This is a beautiful red candle and I got it in their largest jar. The large jars are nice for value conscious customers, but you will want to know you like that fragrance since its going to be with you a little while.

I like this candle, its not overpowering and also has a great "throw" at the same time. I was coming down the stairs and smelled the fragrance coming up the stairs to meet me. It was downstairs, two rooms away on the mantle. So that is pretty nice. I can know that it will be smelled at least a little bit when people come through the door.

Yankee talks of this fragrance as true to a cinnamon stick smell, with a bit of clove added. I would agree with that, it is nice and clean and just smells good.

I love fruit in art. This is a beautiful piece I think by Fede Galizia.
I love fruit in art. This is a beautiful piece I think by Fede Galizia. | Source

Cactus and White Peach Candle by Mia Bella Candles

I had this candle in a votive size. I went to burn it in one of my favorite Party Lite votive candle holders when I realized what a good sized votive this was! It barely fit into the holder, and in fact was sticking out of the top of it. That was ok, because it burned down so nicely. Mia Bella uses soy wax and the way it burns is so nice. The solid candle looks a little different than some you might normally see, but don't let this deter you from trying them.

The color is a light peach or orange color, very nice. It smelled just like a very nice peach fragrance, which I think I would buy again in a heartbeat. It was very pleasant. It is described as "a symphony of fresh, crisp, fruity fragrance, with dewy green leaf, delicate white peach and apricot notes, on a soft floral heart and a light musk base. That description there does this candle justice. It said what I couldn't say, but experienced in the fragrance.

The only downside, and it was hardly noticeable was that at the very end of the burning time, it smelled a little bit of a burning or scorched smell. It wasn't awful, but was a very distinct smell from the candle smell itself.

I would highly recommend trying Mia Bella Candles if you have not, and especially this Cactus and White Peach

Pink Lemonade Candle Review - Slatkin & Co.

This amazing candle was purchased for me as a gift from my Aunt Donna in California. She knows me well! It came with a lovely tote from Bath and Body works, and what a surprise and a treat it was!

When I opened this, I was amazed because it smelled exactly like pink lemonade. It was a three wick candle in a glass container with a lid. I burned it, and except for a little bit of near drowning the lit wick issues, I really enjoyed this candle. I was able to deal with it by pouring off a little wax into another container. I plan to use this wax as a melt, or to make more candles.

Months later on, I could still smell this pink lemonade candle in a very strong sense. I had it in the drawer, and the fragrance was overwhelming but in a good way. They use a great amount of fragrance in this candle. The bummer is, I am not sure it is still for sale by them, but I have seen it for sale online. I would recommend it and would buy it again, despite the little set back I had with it.

Beautiful Merced River in Yosemite
Beautiful Merced River in Yosemite | Source

Over the River Candle Review - Yankee Candle Company

Over the river is a pleasantly fragrance votive candle I purchased several months ago from the Yankee Candle Store in my area. It is a light blue colored candle, with a nice little river scene on the front. I mention this, as it would be even nicer in larger jar candle. I didn't know exactly what to expect, but it is a nice fragrance.

I worry sometimes about overly perfumed candles, you know, the kind that can give people headaches? Well if this one was going to be too strong, I could have seen it going that way. However, when I burned it, it smelled just perfect. The throw to the candle, what it put off was perfectly proportioned, the way I like it to be. Its never good to walk into a home and be overwhelmed by the candle that is burning there. This is subtle and perfect. I would recommend it highly, and I would purchase it again.

Lavender Macaroon by Slatkin & Co. - Review

I purchased this little lavender macaroon candle from Bath and Body Works not long ago. It is a beautiful pale lavender color. It sounds strange, the name. It sounds like the scents wouldn't go together.

I gave it a chance because I like both coconut macaroons and lavender, very much! I smelled it, it smelled good. I burned it, it smelled even better!

So this review for lavender macaroon comes to you with a very high rating. I would purchase it again, even though I wish it had a bit more "throw" to the fragrance. After I had been burning it a few hours, the fragrance really made a bigger impact as well. Since this is the little one, I imagine the larger 3 wick or larger candle would smell even better. The larger the pool of melted wax, the more fragrance it gives off. I love this candle!

I love this still live painting, and the lilacs are the purple flowers in the bouquet.  By Johan Laurentz Jensen.
I love this still live painting, and the lilacs are the purple flowers in the bouquet. By Johan Laurentz Jensen. | Source

Lilac Blossoms Candle Review

Yankee Candle Company makes a candle called Lilac Blossoms. I believe it has been around for a long time, and must be a great seller as it is still going strong. This candle has one of the most beautiful colors that I have seen in a candle. When burning, the color is of course even prettier.

That isn't what most people want to know about, however, when talking about candles! I have to admit, this one I got on a sale, even a clearance I think. I just haven't wanted to spend the money to pay full price for what I would call a highly perfumed candle. Not because I don't like pretty perfume smells, but it can overwhelm me, and I almost can feel it in my head!

This gar was nice as well, another selling point, as it was one of their glass tumblers, that can be used as a glass itself for drinking out of later on. At any rate, its nice looking, the flowers in the picture on the front are pretty, and the smell will be smelled, trust me!

Again, truth be told, in a small room that I am sitting in, this is too much for me personally, but it is still a very nice fragrance, very true to how lilac smell, no less! So, to make things perfect with this candle burning, I put it in a more open place, where I can benefit from the amount of throw that this candle puts off! Its pretty, gives a great ambiance, My family likes it too. I just wouldn't want it in a small space. I might buy it again, but it may not be my first choice.

Love flower garden smell though, amazing color, great candle that I noticed no black smoke with.

Cottage Breeze Candle Review

Cottage Breeze is a lovely scent that Yankee Candle makes. I burned this in a votive size, and just loved it. Everything, from the photo on the front, which is nice for a larger jar especially, to the color and the fragrance were all so nice.

To me, it is a combination of a scent from the seaside, combined with freshly washed linen types of fragrances that some candle lines put out. The photo shows a lovely little cottage along what looks to be an Eastern coastline in the United States. It looks like a place I would love to be.

The scent isn't too strong that it is overpowering. I would buy this again, and my family also enjoyed the fragrance. It would look lovely in any room, any time of the year, in my opinion. Cottage Breeze is a keeper for sure.

Candle Poll #1

Do you enjoy burning candles?

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Candle Poll #2

How often do you burn candles?

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    • oceansnsunsets profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Hi Pcunix,I think it is great you have oil lamps and large candles for emergencies. I think candles make beautiful decorations, and know of people that have decorative candles they never light also.

      As you can tell probably, I am a fan of candles, and will light them for special dinners or just to have lit here and there in the evenings or day. They make nice air fresheners for many people I know, and I love the fragrance many put off.

      My grandmother had some very nice candles, some cute and some beautiful that were like little works of art! To burn them would have seemed so wrong. I miss seeing more candles like that that people had around just for decoration. Those were so neat.

      I adjusted the poll to account for people like you that burn every few years or every year. No one had voted yet so I could do that. Thanks for your comment, it got me thinking about candles people don't burn now, for whatever reason.

    • Pcunix profile image

      Tony Lawrence 

      6 years ago from SE MA

      I'd have to answer your poll with "every few years". We have oil lamps and a few very large candles for power emergencies and will (rarely) light decorative candles at a special dinner. Most of our candles are purely decorative and will never be lit.

    • oceansnsunsets profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Hello Peggy, thank you very much. I like Slatkin and Company also, and have smelled that Balsam scented one. Those are wonderful, and do smell very much like a Christmas tree in the house. They make nice gifts I think, for candle lovers especially.

      It is so smart to have candles on hand. That is partly how I started having some on hand at all, in case of emergencies. During a bad storm, when power goes out and especially if there are kids around, candles bring a lot of comfort and light to situations. You will be ready just in case! Thanks for your visit and votes, I really appreciate them.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Thanks for your review of the different candles that you like. We received some Slatkin & Company candles in a large jar and one of them is Balsam scented. I burned it during Christmas-time and one would think that we had a live tree in our house. Very fragrant! We keep a good supply of unscented ones on hand for power outages and (heaven forbid) hurricanes...which generally always cause power outages. Voted up and useful. Thanks!


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