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My Acrylic paintings.

Updated on September 13, 2014
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

I call this as Trojan.

The Name of this " Face of a Virus,Bug,Mal ware,Worm or a Trojan."
The Name of this " Face of a Virus,Bug,Mal ware,Worm or a Trojan." | Source

My Farm House in Chinnakool.


I call this as - Mr. X , Mr. Y, & Mr. Z etc,etc.....


I call it as Error.

I call it as Strong 70%.

This is an ERROR.
This is an ERROR. | Source

I call it as " WE ".

" WE "
" WE " | Source

I call it as " Problams ".

PROBLAMS. | Source

Make Painting your Hobby.

Painting as hobby is most interesting the main advantage is you can take a coffee break sit facing the painting that you have done and relax to any length of time.You can even go for a walk or chit chat over phone with your friend and take his opinion on what you are painting and what is it that concerns you in continue with your work with out a break.You can even get out of your place of painting and have your meal and go to bed.Perhaps you can do it with reading and writing also.I could do it with my guitar but that was because I could not play the songs fully and the way it should be played.Chess was my other hobby but you cannot take a break. You got to think so much all the time and it stresses you.I tried Tennis for few months but left since it needed lot of practice.

Painting looked easy and stress free for me. I could do what I want with the brush and mix any color I liked to any shade I needed.Color mixing and matching was a subject in my textile study.The only limitation was the availability of colors that I needed which was not sold in any local shop where I worked. I had to get the colors from Bombay now called Mumbai.That was a problem many times and I had to limit my colors in my painting.The most important color was my white.

There are lot of things that can be said,discussed,debated and lectured on painting your liking of a painting depends on your personality if I can say so.Every individual has a taste for things that makes him happy.My daughter is very fond of sitting by the side of a clean water from the river flowing in a wooded place with green,green trees and little,little flowers that grow by the side of wild bushes.She drives for miles just to sit there and enjoy the nature so clean and natural not man made.One day she took me to such a place and I could see how happy she was that I was there to share her joy.

The other side of this hobby is sketching.My daughter gave me a sketch book with few pencils on a day when I had to fly 5 hours and told me to make pencil sketches during my flight if it bored me as I had made a 17 hour flight to see her.I never knew how to do pencil sketches but I thought it would be interesting if I tried. I made several sketches with the pencil with nothing but what I had seen in a Chines Restaurant that I visited.She liked all the sketching.Some how I am unwilling to sketch it is just gray gray and some thing on a paper.

My earlier days before painting was my hobby of sketching cartoons but I did it in very very small note book and a diary that I used to write my daily expenses before my marriage.I was not writing as a record of my expenses but it was to spend my time when my room mate was gone to see how his relatives were doing.I had my relatives also but they were very rich and my going there as a bachelor in such homes was not a tradition in my family that too when there were unmarried girls.My friend and room mate did not come in such a traditional family.At such lonely movements I would sit on my bed as our room had no table and chair and try to draw Cartoons not for any jokes but just o person in a picture or a cartoon in the day's news paper.

After my marriage I only had my Mandolin and I was trying to play Hindi songs my wife did not like to hear my tring trings and strutting to play the songs and it was just the noise of discords of music that made her irritable. The other reason was that I was not giving her due attention.I went on till I could no longer practice all alone and seeing my wife sitting in our Balcony all alone.I sold my Mandolin for Rs.30/-.There ended my music and it was later that I again took up practicing Electric Guitar when I was fed up doing painting.Painting did not go from my life and when my daughter presented me with all her painting kit I started doing painting till all her paints and many brushes became bald.When I told my daughter that I had finished all her paints and that the brushes were bald she told me to buy.Unfortunately I had to leave my place of residence and shift to a 2 BHK apartment and here I find it difficult to do my work with out a place that I was having which was a separate room I called as My Studio.

I Call it as " Wondering What "


I Call it as " GOOD & BAD "

GOOD & BAD. | Source

I Call it " MY TEAM "

MY TEAM.[ Actual palms of all my officers whose hands were smeared with different colors and  placed on a canvas.]
MY TEAM.[ Actual palms of all my officers whose hands were smeared with different colors and placed on a canvas.] | Source

Want to Paint - Learn my method.

How did I learn painting and why did I learn.

As Plant Executive in Charge of a Textile mill manufacturing textile fabrics and looking after production and labor besides other administrative work, there was a security man who came along with me if I went for a walk and this annoyed me.Staying at home was a good option but my wife had her duties.I was alone and could not take a walk.

I decided to paint after I saw a shop in Bombay ( known as at that time ) selling Acrylic Fabric Paints and brushes like you see now in TOTAL or STAPLES stores so huge.

I purchased many colors and brushes but they had no Boards at that time and I came home with the Paints and brushes.

Few days later my textile machinery called as ' Bale Breaker ' creeper apron carrying cotton for opening broke and the canvas was torn.A new canvas was replaced and from the old canvas I made a board 25 inches X 56 inches with the help of my mill carpenter Vittala.

I also made a stand with his help and fixed the board in a guest room which was like a Table Tennis Court size.

With the help of a book on Painting I took up copying it in parts from a easy place and this helped me take up several others on my own.

These are Acrylic paintings on canvas done during my free time relaxing with a glass of some thing but only 60 ml.

I request viewers to say something on these paintings and spare me a few minutes of your valuable time.These are not done for any marketing,even if it's to be done means I need permission from my children.They think it's great.I told them to take up this hobby but so far it seems it is a difficult thing to expect from IT professionals.There are more paintings which can be put up but will wait from my Huber reaction.The size of each painting is 56 Inches x 24 Inches.

The paintings are photographed with a Canon A POWER SHOT frames seen by your eyes only.If these paintings are photographed by a professional it will cost not less than Rs.120 per Picture. If they are to be framed it would cost Rs.15,000 per picture.I have nearly 50 such paintings and the cost of taking professional pictures and framing will come to Rs.7,56,000 and that is my cost if I have to sell in one lot I need 20% profit which will come to Rs.9,07200/-

Are painters making only 20% profit.Do they pay taxes.What can you say about profit margin or tax.I do know painters are too rich or just rich I did not make paintings to please others ,sell or exhibit it. i .did my painting to spend my time and relax from my work stress.

I did few paintings and my children liked them.I showed it to my friends and they liked my colors and abstract art which I had seen in some places and tried it my way.The present day changes that have been seen are as under:-

  • Painting as a subject for kids in Kindergarten.
  • Painting as a social get to gather in clubs.
  • Painting competition in schools.
  • Painting Nights where you go and paint all day 24 hours where you can eat,paint and sleep and at the end of 24 hours your painting is exhibited with all the others who were present for 24 hours.The group includes kids to senior citizens and lady's as well of all ages.All painting materials required by you are available for sale here.They play music to keep people maintain silence and even they have a break for interaction with others who have come to participate.
  • There are painters in India who paint pictures with color mud on Road and spread a piece of cloth so you can throw a coin on it
  • There are House wife's in south India who will make a board on the ground with Cow Dung mixed with water and spread evenly and after allowing it to dry they will draw lines in various lines depicting flowers or other such pieces of art that look pleasingly nice.
  • The "Rangoli Art " is another such work on the ground where different color mud or fine sand powder is used to make attractive arts resembling or is another branch of painting.
  • There are a new bread of painters who do SPEED painting.Here the painter uses only two colors and two brushes.He keeps his painting board black and this will be the third color. He will keep one 5 liter can of paint on his left side and another color of 5 liter paint to his right.He keeps one brush in each hand.He will tell his audience to guess what he is painting and gives them 5 minutes to think and starts his painting rapidly moving both his hands from canvas to paint and the painting starts.He will stop painting and looks at his audience and says my painting is finished tell me what I have painted.
  • No one knows what he has painted on a black canvas with two colors pink and white.
  • He now takes the painting and puts the top down and what is down goes up.
  • All smiles and shouts the name of the National Hero he has painted top down or face down and bottom up.
  • The next is SPRAY PAINTING FAST this will be done in 60 seconds with various colors from cans containing colors.The painting is done on order on street corners.
  • The Speed Spray Painting has few gadgets.
  • They are different in Size.
  • They are different in Shape.
  • They may be paper.
  • They may be Plastic.
  • They may be flexible tin sheets.
  • They may have holes of different size.
  • They may have Rods.
  • Rods may be round.
  • Rods may be Square.
  • Rods may be Bent.
  • Rods may be Flat in size like TEXT.
  • The Speed Spray Paint will be on any material.
  • The cost depends on what is yours choice or His.
  • All Paintings that are here shown are on canvas,wood and plastic coated hard board and there average size is 25 inches x 50 inches.few are duplex which means there is one at the back also.

Painting without brush and mixing paints.


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    • skgrao profile image

      S K G Rao. 8 years ago from Bangalore City - INDIA.

      Thanks nikki1

    • nikki1 profile image

      nikki1 8 years ago

      awesome pic.s.


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