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My Slytherin scarf

Updated on October 9, 2017

I'm a big fan of Harry Potter and different from popular opinion, I love Slytherin House more than Gryffindor. I'd like to have some clothings with the House's colour, but it is out of my budget. So, I'm gonna make one of my own.


The materials are simple enough. I only need wool threads in medium grey and dark green (Slytherin colours!). I use the fine yarn because I don't need too thick a scarf.

My mom has this tool (I don't know what it's called) that can imitate knitting pattern. We simply call it 'knitting device'; it's kind of similar with French Knitting device (picture on the right) but instead of rounded, it's straight. Because of this, I can make rectangle-shaped scarf instead of tube-shaped.

Working on..

Working my way slowly. I have to keep the counting correctly proportionate between the green and the grey.


Tadaa..! This is how it looks like now. I'm going to wear this when I watch Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix. It's a must(!)

I finish the ends of the scarf with fringes, which is quite easy to do.

Here's what's left from the threads. The scarf didn't use up that much threads after all. But of course, you can always make a bigger scarf if you want.

Can you see the crochet hook at the background? I'm going to use it to make a Slytherin hat! [Actually, I'm already working on it.. :D]


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    • profile image

      Rengirl 3 years ago

      The device you used to knit this scarf looks like a rectangle knitting loom.

      I love this scarf pattern. I'm going to make a Slytherin one for my sister, and a Hufflepuff one for myself. :)

    • profile image

      Umbrellamom 6 years ago

      Great pictures! How did you do it? I couldn't figure it out from your photos but it looks great. Perfect for Harry Potter.

    • profile image

      Narutard 6 years ago

      Hi i was just wondering, how did you make the fringes on the ends of the scarf? :)

    • profile image

      Admirer 7 years ago

      That's good! I bought a Gryffindor one, not home-made, from a car boot for £1.50, I wanted a Slytherin one!

    • Eva Berlin profile image

      Eva Berlin 7 years ago

      hehe..thanks! just do it slowly using the tool (in the pic, i don't know the name :p). it's quite easy, actually ^^

    • profile image

      petitejam 8 years ago

      Wow, how did you make that it looks awesome!