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My mother's Welcome to my Kitchen embroidery kit!

Updated on August 3, 2013


Welcome to my Kitchen is the name of an embroidery kit my mother brought to me from Canada many years ago, when our family was living in Austria. I started working on the kit back then, but never got to finish it. Now my husband and I have retired to NSW, Australia and I have joined a Craft Centre with the intention of displaying and selling my crafts.

I would love to have the creativity to design an embroidery kit myself and that is why I respect those who are able to do so. For that reason I would love to finish doing that Kitchen kit and I already have a spot selected for it in my new kitchen/office in our new flat in Nelson Bay. The colours, especially the blue, really suit our kitchen and the big windows, which have views of the bay, with its boats, yachts, paddle boats and kayakers.

By finishing that project I will also be thanking and honouring my mother for supplying me with interesting handicraft projects and many craft ideas over the years. As I add the finishing touches to the kitchen kit, I admire my mother, as she gave me an embroidered two picture collection as wedding present many years ago. I had those pictures hanging in my bedroom since our wedding and kind of regret having to leave them behind when we moved back to Australia last year. I am slowly bringing some of my treasured belongings back with me when I have a chance and I have to remember to add them to my list for my next trip!

Embroidery organisation

I am usually an organised person, but must admit that I did not keep my collection of threads in such good order as my mother does: DMC and Anchor brands separated and organised in boxes. When I decided to finally finish my kitchen project, I was lucky to have found the metal hanger that belonged to it, as well as all the threads I needed! I also had a few pieces of cardboard with punched holes to put the threads in them, but I had no way of knowing which cardboard belonged to the project I intended to finish! It was like magic, I compared one punched cardboard with the original Chart Diagram for my project and I suddenly realised it was the one I was eagerly looking for: pink 13071, red 13013, orange 13336, yellow 12305 and the blues I liked so much: 17050, 17978!! Wow, I had found it!

There are several types of floss of the type used in embroidery and the best known are DMC and Anchor. Numbers are completely independent between the brands and one must use a conversion chart if one needs to substitute brands.

It is a good idea to organise floss by number, which are shown in each skein when they are new and to keep them in marked boxes. The floss should first be wrapped around plastic/cardboard bobbins, with the use of a thread winder if you desire,so as to keep them from tangling.

It's a good idea to cut the ID number from each skein and to glue it to their respective colour. That is better than writing the ID number on the bobbin with a pen (the ink could run) or adding a sticker, as those can also fall off.

Once I finish this project I would have two choices:

  • Take it to the Craft Centre to exhibit and sell;
  • Keep it to hang in my Kitchen, Dining area/Office

I guess you must have guessed by now that I intend to keep it! Last time I worked on it I did not try doing any of the backstitches at the end, as that is very time consuming, but this time I have resolved to do so, as that is what gives the piece its highlights

I must also add something about the Craft Centre. It is only a few metres away from our flat and I joined it for the purpose of meeting people and making friends. The women must do a half day voluntary work at the centre and they must pay a 22% commission for any craft items sold, compared to 33% if they do no serve as volunteers.

Newcastle, Port Stephens (Nelson Bay), NSW, Australia


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