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Nepali Musical Instruments

Updated on April 22, 2013
Nepali girl from Newar ethnic group playing Flute in a Newari event.
Nepali girl from Newar ethnic group playing Flute in a Newari event.

Music in Nepal

Music plays vital role in the life of Nepali people. In almost every event and occasion, the presence of music is very significant. People in Nepal still use the ancient musical instruments to save their tradition, culture and identity. So, here in Nepal, music is not only a medium of entertainment, it is also an important force which gives an identity to every religion and every ethnic group in Nepal. From the period of birth of baby, marriage ceremony and even in the time of death of a person, music is a strong force. According the research made by Music Museum of Nepal, there are more than 60 thousands musical melodies, more than 1 thousand musical instruments, and more than 2 thousands Nepalese dances. With the use of this vast varieties of music in Nepal, it is believed that musical tourism can be made popular.

Musical Instruments of Nepal



Sarangi is a typical Nepali folk musical instrument. It is one of the oldest musical instrument of Nepal. This musical instrument is made of a piece of wood. It has a hollow structure with four piece of strings which are tightly fastened on the top of it with wooden nails. This Nepali musical instrument is played with the use of small stick which is incorporated with strings. This musical instrument is taken as a messenger, as in the past as well as at the present time, it was widely used to convey the message via song about current situations.



Like sarangi, madal is also one of the oldest folk musical instrument of Nepal. Nepali people love dancing with the grooving beat of madal. This instrument is made with a wooden hollow tube and for easy use it is tightened with leather skin. Madal is played by beating both sides with the use of hands. Nepali lok geet(traditional song) goes fantastically well with the beats of Madal.



The musical instrument is often associated with Hindu god Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna had many gopinis who used to dance in his music. Murali is made by bamboo with 6 holes on it. It is played holding by lips and fingers slopping downwards. This musical instrument makes very melodious sound. In Nepal, the ethnic group Newars still uses it on various occasions.


Naumati Baja
Naumati Baja

In panche baja, group of five musical instruments are played together. Those five instruments are:

Jhyamt (Cymbal): It is one of musical instrument of the Panche Baja. This instrument have flat round dish-like look. It is made of brass or bronze and are played by beating on each other.

Narsingha (Trumpet): It is made of two pieces curved copper tube which is played by blowing air in its mouthpiece.

Nagara (Drum):It is made of leather all over an end of a hollow copper bowl. It is played by hitting with hands or sticks.

Sanai (clarinet): It is made of a metal shaped like a pipe which is little twisted forward. It has couple of holes on the top from which you blow.

Tyamko: This instrument It is similar to Damaha in shape. However, it is very small in size, It is played with two pieces of sticks called Gajo.


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    • Tolovaj profile image


      4 years ago

      I am always amazed how much can the world of music offer ... Beautiful peaces!


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