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New Art - Conceptual Realism - Genevive Zacconi

Updated on December 13, 2012

Genevive Zacconi Beginnings

Genevive Zacconi was born in Philadelphia in 1981. She works as both an artist and curator. As such, she has been involved in numerous shows all over the world. Her works have been displayed in the galleries La Luz De Jesus, Ad Hoc Art, Copro Nason (now Copro Gallery), Strychnin, Art At Large, Perihelion Fine Arts.

She has been written about an interviewed on MSNBC, NY Press, Juxtapoz, Hi Fructose, Coagula Arts Journal, and many other art publications.

In addition to creating her own art and as a freelance curator, she has also worked as painting assistant to Ron English, headed the first Philadelphia branch of "Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School", and was the founding director of Trinity Gallery in Philadelphia and Paul Booth's Last Rites Gallery in New York City.

Genevive Zacconi
Genevive Zacconi


Genevieve has attended both the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art & The School of Visual Arts, however she found herself cutting class to stay home and work on her paintings. She did not complete a semester at either school. In this way she is primarily self taught.

Curating and Showing

Ms. Zacconi curated her first show at 19.

Ms. Zacconi's first show was put on when she was seventeen at a local boutique. Some of her paintings were also being displayed at goth/fetish clubs.

"I didn’t like what I saw at most galleries in Philadelphia at the time- I found it all to be too conservative & traditional. So, I decided to put on my own events [featuring] artists who’s work I liked...I would feature visual artists, film makers, poets, musicians, and anything else into one event. I didn’t really know I was “curating”, I just wanted to help get exposure for artists I liked." - Genevieve Zacconi

A few years later Ms. Zacconi was hired to direct at Trinity Gallery in Philadelphia, and after that, at the Last Rites Gallery in NYC. As such she is the founding director of both galleries.

Note: Trinity primarily showed erotic art, and Last Rites is a “dark art” gallery.

Technique and Media

Ms. Zacconi visualizes the basic concept first and states that many of them are metaphorical in nature, something in line with a current train of thought or life issues. She then figures out how the idea can be translated visually. Once this is done she sketches it out. The process might also include taking reference photos of both models and objects that will complete the piece. She states that she uses PhotoShop to work out the composition which she then sketches out on primed wood.

Ms. Zacconi also uses a technique called Grisaille in which she paints in grays first (sometimes blues), then add glazes of color on top.

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Love Conquers All - Genevive ZacconiReciprocity - Genevive ZacconiDisillusion - Genevive ZacconiDisillusion (Detail) - Genevive Zacconi
Love Conquers All - Genevive Zacconi
Love Conquers All - Genevive Zacconi
Reciprocity - Genevive Zacconi
Reciprocity - Genevive Zacconi
Disillusion - Genevive Zacconi
Disillusion - Genevive Zacconi
Disillusion (Detail) - Genevive Zacconi
Disillusion (Detail) - Genevive Zacconi
Grand Illusions
Grand Illusions | Source


Many, though not all, of Genevive Zacconi's works are featured in the video below. Be aware that some of the images in the video presented contain partial nudity.

Fair warning, while researching or looking up some of Ms. Zacconi's other works (or viewing the video below) some of the images will contain partial nudity. If you are sharing this hub with younger readers be aware of this fact.


Genevive Zacconi will be part of a show at Capro Gallery in Santa Monica, CA December 15th, 2012. See details at the link below.


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