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New Art - Conceptual Realism - Jon Jaylo

Updated on February 25, 2012

Jon Jaylo Beginnings

Jon was born in the Philippines and attained his grade-school education there. His family moved to Chicago, Illinois where he finished grade school, then high-school. Eventually Jon moved back to the Philippines where he attended college studying fine arts.

Jon states that at the age of four he discovered that he could draw. Upon discovery he made a steadfast decision to be an artist.

Jon Jaylo
Jon Jaylo | Source

Inspiration and Technique

Jon states that he is inspired by dreams, daily occurrences, direct experience and sometimes the stories of close friends. Before he even commits anything to paper or canvas he has a firm idea of the form the painting will take.

He may then sketch out the idea in pencil and/or enlist the aid of models in specific poses to work out the details of the work.

Jon paints on canvas with oils.

My Take

I really like what I see in Jon's works. I don't normally make a comment about my likes or dislikes about an artists works, but to be honest I wouldn't publish anything on anyone if I didn't like their work.

What most captures my attention with Jon's art are the occasional playful references to surrealist Rene Magritte. The others aspects that capture my attention are the astounding, contemplative, glimpses into someone else's psyche.

This is the wonder of art though. Ultimately, you can give any Jaylo piece any internal view you wish. Hist paintings, like any good story, allow the viewer to bring his or her own self to the painting. Jon is great at opening up the viewer's "soul" so to speak.

Cry No More
Cry No More | Source
a place called Beatriz
a place called Beatriz | Source
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If it Makes You Feel Righteous & BetterAge of EnlightenmentLet No One Divide UsEndless JulyA Sense of Equanimity
If it Makes You Feel Righteous & Better
If it Makes You Feel Righteous & Better | Source
Age of Enlightenment
Age of Enlightenment | Source
Let No One Divide Us
Let No One Divide Us | Source
Endless July
Endless July | Source
A Sense of Equanimity
A Sense of Equanimity | Source
West | Source
Unlocking the Paradox of Wisdom
Unlocking the Paradox of Wisdom | Source


Jon claims as influences Rene Magritte, Paul Del Vaux, Salvador Dali, Gustav Klimt, Jan Ver Meer and William Bougereau.

"I found out I could draw at the age of four. I knew then that I wanted to be a painter someday, and it was a steadfast decision, perhaps one of the things that I was so sure of .....looking back now,and asking myself If given another life,would I choose a different path?....I'd definitely trudge the same path and be a painter again." - Jon Jaylo


Many thanks to Jon (Enigma) Jaylo for sharing some of his personal history, inspirational motivations and most importantly his time in the creation of this hub.

Update: Jon Jaylo has been busy. Mr. Jaylo agreed to allow me to add the three images titled "West," "A Sense of Equanimity," and "Endless July."

My current favorite is "West;" I cannot say why.

Mr. Jaylo continues to impress!

Upcoming Exhibits

Mr. Jaylo will be showing new works at the Distinction Gallery in Escondido California. The show will open March 12, 2011 at the following address from 6 ~ 10PM.

Distinction Gallery
317 E. Grand Avenue
Escondido, California 92025

Mr. Jaylo will also have work displayed as part of the "Dystopia" show through CoproGalleries in Santa Monica, California. This show begins March 19, 2011 and runs through April 19, 2011.

Copro Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave T5

Santa Monica, CA 90404


Though the author stands to make a small profit from advertising associated with this hub, and the hub itself, his primary motivation was to introduce this artist to a wider audience.

LiamBean has no control over the placement or content of the advertising attached to this hub. Compensation from HubPages for the content of this hub is minimal.


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    LiamBean 5 years ago from Los Angeles, Calilfornia

    I just know what I like jtrader, but thank you just the same.

  • jtrader profile image

    jtrader 5 years ago

    I like the symbolism in his art. You have a nice series there.