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New Art - Digital Art - Ray Caesar

Updated on November 14, 2010

Ray Caesar Beginnings

Mr. Caesar was bon in London, England on October 26 1958. He has three other siblings, he being the youngest. Mr. Caesar states that he has clear memories of drawing "incessantly on anything including the walls and floors" of his childhood home.

At some point in his youth the entire family moved to Toronto, Canada.

Mr. Caesar has worked at art colleges, architectural studios, medical facilities, digital service bureaus, and online gaming companies. He eventually began work at digital animation and visual effects studios for both film and television productions. His work in this area did achieve some recognition in the form of award nominations.

Mr. Caesar studied at the Ontario College of Art. He also worked as a medical artist for The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto for seventeen years. After that he worked for GVFX Toronto as a Senior Animator.

Mr. Caesar has won a number of awards, among them the Monitor Award for Special Effects in a series, a Primetime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Special Effects in a Series, and a Gemini Nomination for Special Effects.

He has been featured in numerous publications including Juxtapoz, WeAr Fashion, EFX Art and Design, Digital Media World 2004 Australia, Computer Graphics World, New CG China, and Glamour Magazine.

Mr. Caesar states that a "dream" inspired him to turn to digital medium as an avenue for more personal, less commercial works of art.

He states that he currently lives in a brick house with his wife Jane and a coyote named Bonnie.

Ray Caesar
Ray Caesar | Source

Techniques and Media

Most of the artists I've covered in the past use traditional media such as oil on canvas. Mr. Caesar uses computers, software, and touchpad. When the work is complete he prints on special acid free paper with Epson Ultrachrome seven pigment colorset.

Mr. Caesar renders his work as a three dimensional wire-frame and then adds texture overlays to give the work substance. His chosen software is Autodesk's Maya.

Caesar accomplishes a baffling realism. A collector of textiles and keen observer of textures, Caesar photographs, scans and manipulates swatches of fabrics or skin surfaces in and transposes those onto the digital skeleton models.

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Pollux | Source
Castor | Source
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Fire FliesKingdomSilent Partner
Fire Flies
Fire Flies | Source
Kingdom | Source
Silent Partner
Silent Partner | Source
Ebb Tide
Ebb Tide | Source


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  • Kayness profile image

    Kayness 5 years ago

    I saw Caesar's work a few years back on a cover of a magazine!! I love the dark, pop-surrealist style...very much to my taste! Thanks for posting.

  • daouady profile image

    daouady 7 years ago from Northeast Ohio