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New Baby Scrapbook Page Ideas

Updated on August 31, 2012
An extract from my mother's scrapbook - her first Grandaughter
An extract from my mother's scrapbook - her first Grandaughter | Source

The birth of a new baby is always an event to celebrate. It's also a great inspiration; a reason to get out the knitting needles, create a beautiful cross stitch, paint a picture, make a card, create a baby quilt, built a crib and of course, start a scrapbook.

New mothers love to create scrapbooks, but rarely have the time. Digital scrapbook software can solve that problem. Packages like scrapbook max have built in page templates which are easy to change and personalize. You can create pages in minutes, and there's no mess to clear up afterwards. If you're stuck for a gift for a new or expectant Mom, scrapbook software can be an excellent idea!

There are many possible approaches to scrapbooking for a new baby. You can create a scrapbook around the birth and the first weeks at home, tell the story of the pregnancy, start building the story of the baby's first year, or simply start telling the story of the new life.

The approach you choose will often depend on your relationship to the baby and its parents.

How You can tell the story of a Pregnancy in a Scrapbook.

Mothers (and their Mothers) often like to tell the story of the pregnancy, one problem is, where do you start?

If your scrapbook album is designed to follow the pregnancy and end at the birth, it's easy to divide the pregnancy into trimesters and create at least one double page spread for each. You can add hospital appointment cards, weight measurements, pictures from ultrasound scans (sonograms) and of course pictures of the expanding mother, if she was happy for anyone to take them!

The real question with this sort of scrapbook album is where to start. Should be with the meeting of mother and father? Their wedding? No matter which date you decide on, you'll need to create a 'title' page for your New Baby Album. If you're not sure how, don't worry, that's covered in the next section.

New Baby Title Page

Double Page spread - Mother and Father - (together, wedding, or with an older child)

Double Page spread - first trimester. How/when was the pregnancy first discovered? When was the first Dr's appointment. Where did it happen. How did everyone react? What was memorable about the time, a song, a film, a TV show, a newspaper headline?

Double Page Spread - second trimester. The baby is fully formed now and really growing. What preparations are being made? Do you know if it's a boy or a girl? How many people know? What names are being considered? (A montage of names makes a really interesting page) Add any pictures, but don't worry if you have none, Scrapbooking is not just about pictures.

Double page spread - third trimester. Ultrasound scans, plans for the birth, pictures of clothes and the nursery. Have you decided on a name? If so, record how you decided and why.

Double page spread - baby shower. Baby showers are common in the USA, but much less so in other countries like the UK. If you haven't had a baby shower, you might like to record your last day at work and any presents your colleagues have given you. Do you plan to get back to work once the baby is born?

Double Page Spread - Careers. This is a fun idea for a baby page. Looking at the mother and father, what talents do you think the baby will have? What sort of career would you predict and why?

Double page spread - the birth. Some mothers are happy to have pictures taken at the birth itself, others prefer pictures taken when everyone has had a chance to brush up a little. In either case, this is an important page, baby's first official portrait. You might also want to record height and weight at birth as well as the time and place. Who was there? How did it happen? Was the birth to schedule? What went according to plan, and what didn't?

Depending on the size of your album, you might want to fill in with pages about the rest of the family and their preparations for the birth.

The final page. In this story, the final page is still very much the beginning. You might choose a picture of the new baby and their family at a celebration such as a christening or naming ceremony. You might choose to show the child first birthday, a picture of their first steps, or perhaps a family tree, showing the brand new branch.

How to Make the Title Page for a New Baby Scrapbook

Finding the right way to start your scrapbook can seem daunting, the first page seems so important! Here are some suggestions.

Use the first and best portrait of the baby taken in its first few weeks. Place it on a simple pastel background and add the baby's first name in large cut out letters. Decorate the picture with flower or soft toy embellishments and add a ribbon border. If you can use a ribbon from one of the babies outfits, that;s even better, or include one or more pressed flowers, especially if they came from flowers sent to celebrate the birth.

If you plan a digital scrapbook, create a background in a pastel color and fade in the baby's name. If you don't want to use cliched colors like pink and blue, lemon and aqua make beautiful backgrounds, as does a textured white. Keep the embellishments simple, the pictures are more important, and don't forget journallng. It's OK to repeat facts you'll state later in the scrapbook, such as date, time and place of birth.

A simple family tree is easy to create. You can buy scrapbook pages ready for you to fill in the details, or buy the digital elements of a family tree and create your own.

Build a page around a line from a song. The year my son was born the song from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves 'Everything I do, I do for you' was everywhere, and it seemed quite appropriate for a baby scrapbook page.

Build a page of a family baby pictures, showing as many close family members as possible. In later years it will be fun spotting the similarities.

What would you put in a scrapbook about a new baby?

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