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New Photoshop Contest Platform

Updated on July 25, 2016

Today, July the 25th, 2016 a new website dedicated to Photoshop Contests and Photography Contests enthusiasts will open its doors. Photoshopnation is a contest based, community and creativity driven website, with a focus on photomanipulation and photography. Registration is free and open to everyone over the age of 16. Photoshopnation holds daily contests open to every member and awards daily prizes. Photoshopnation uses an internal currency called “photocoins” for the distribution of prizes to the first three placed entries of the daily contests. Any contest except themed contests come paired with a "source image". This image must be used in the process of creating a new image (called “entry”) to be submitted in the paired contest, using any photomanipulation technique or software. There are five different types of contests: Regular, Time Attack, Bounty, Anonymous: members have to manipulate the source image provided in any way they see fit. Theme and Photography: members submit their entries following the theme of the contest, no source image is provided to work with. To enter any contest except the Time Attack, which has no entrance fee, members pay an "entrance fee" by using their photocoins, or by using a Token. The fees are then collected in a “contest bounty” which makes up the prize pool for that contest. The entries are then voted and commented upon by every registered member who decides to do so. After a set period of time the contest is closed and the prize pool is split among the best placed entries. Fourth and fifth place receive a consolation prize. Every winner is awarded a unique badge relative to the type of contest. Photocoins can be redeemed into real money once set requirements are met. Photoshopnation employs a system called "Honour" to discourage "friendly" or "unfriendly" voting phenomenon. Every vote cast is paired with a score, which ranges from 1 to 100 points. Photoshopnation employs a RPG style levelling/experience system. Every set of levels has its own coat of arms and title. members gain experience points whenever they perform an action. At set amounts of experience points a user “levels up”, gaining a new coat of arms, a new title and useful perks (such as the possibility to add an entry to your favourites).

Photoshopnation's features list:

  • A prize is awarded every day
  • Five tokens are awarded for free at the moment of registration (useful to enter five contests)
  • Internal currency system called “photocoins”, which includes “tokens” and “bottlecaps”
  • Enter up to two images per contest
  • Unlock contests in advance and receive the possibility to work on and upload an entry ahead of time
  • Vote and comment on contest entries
  • A forum area is open for discussions of any kind
  • A live chat wall where members can interact directly with each other
  • Any member can vote on the next contest source image, the next themes for photoshop and photography contests
  • Upload your own source images and see them being used in live contests
  • A live notification system, alerting members of new votes, comments, contests' final results and more
  • RPG style rank system, based on experience points
  • Skills rating system
  • An extensive image gallery which sorts all entries by various criteria, such as winning entries, highest scoring entries, entries with most votes and so on.
  • Leaderboards listing the most succesful members, divided into monthly leaders (including past months' leaders), yearly leaders (including past years' leaders) and all time leaders.
  • Yearly head to head tournament awarding a Mega prize: Mega prize counter is located on the homepage. It increases every day as a contest is closed, by adding a small percentage of the contests' prize pool.
  • Ability to purchase or gift photocoins to another member
  • Redeem photocoins into real money, and bottlecaps into photocoins
  • Members have their own citizen record from which they can keep track of various aspects of their activity on the website:
  1. Full statistics regarding entries, overall rank, placing, winnings, skills and won badges
  2. A portfolio including one's entries and another one including the submitted source images
  3. A favourites entries gallery
  4. Graphs depicting the member's activity over time
  5. A complete log of one's activity on the website regarding experience actions, honour activity and photocoin activity (only viewable by the account owner)
  • Powerful search feature by tags attached to entries and contests
  • And much more!


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