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New Years Eve Party Decorations Glitter

Updated on June 16, 2015

Bring the New Year in with Sparkle

Going to a party shop to buy all your decorations for New Years can be both expensive and uninspiring. With a little imagination and some arts and crafts materials you can create authentic and delightful decorations in a flash that needn't break the bank! Many of these ideas can also be used for parties such as birthdays or baby showers.

From glittery balloons to shiny nuts check out these twinkling decorations!!


1) Glitter Balloons

Why not get a little crafty and put your own spin on traditional party items such as balloons by dipping them in some glitter and glue. Glittery balloons are perfect for glam parties and even better for little princess parties!

2) Shiny Nuts

Apply glitter to items such as chestnuts that you can hang on your Christmas tree and that can double up as decorations for New Years! You could also use pine cones for this idea.


3) Shimmer Jars

Make a mixture of water and glue and apply to the inside of the mason jars. Choose a color of glitter you enjoy and sprinkle it inside the jar to achieve the thickness you like. Allow to dry and add a tea light.

4) DIY Chevron Wall Art

Outline a chevron design onto a canvas. Cover every other section with tape. Apply glue to uncovered areas and sprinkle with glitter. Remove tape and tidy up excess glitter. Paint the remaining parts of the canvas and allow to dry completely. Why not add the year to the center of the image or even a message like happy birthday.

5) Glitzy Centerpiece

Upcycle old bottles and vases by covering them with glitter to create the perfect centerpiece for your party. They can also double up as favors for the end of the night if you paint enough of them!


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    • ezzly profile image

      ezzly 2 years ago

      Thanks Flourish :) pretty sparkle for a pretty sparkly lady !

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

      I love the tea light idea and acorn idea especially! Gorgeous and inexpensive.