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No Sew Fleece Crafts

Updated on June 8, 2011

Easy No Sew Fleece Crafts - Throws And More

Doing easy no sew fleece crafts is an easy and fun way to make useful items without any sewing. Because there is no sewing involved it is suitable for anyone, even someone that does not even own a sewing machine.

No sew fleece crafts are suitable for older children that do not enjoy sewing and it can easily serve as crafts projects for groups of kids. Working with the fleece is surprisingly easy and fun.

It is perhaps the easiest to start with No Sew Fleece Throws

No Sew Fleece Throw Pillow

Throw pillows make any bed or couch more comfortable and more attractive.  There's just nothing like cuddling up with a nice, soft pillow at the end of a long day, except maybe cuddling up with a nice, soft home-made pillow.

Throw pillows are surprisingly easy to make.  You can even make one if you don't know how to sew.  Read on to see how simple it is.


  • 1 yard each of two coordinating pieces of fleece (prints, solids, or one of each; a print with a matching solid color makes a nice reversible pillow)
  • 24-inch pillow form
  • Straight pins
  • Sharp scissors
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Disappearing ink pen


  1. Lay the pieces of fleece on a flat surface, one on top of the other, with the wrong sides together.  Smooth out and take care to make sure the edges are even.  Pin the pieces together a little over 6 inches from the edges.
  2. Measure and mark a 6-inch square in each corner, and cut the square out of both pieces of fleece.
  3. Make the fringe.  This is done by cutting 6 inches into the fleece at 1-inch intervals all the way around.
  4. Remove the straight pins.  Place the pillow form between the two pieces of fleece, making sure to keep the right sides out.
  5. Tie each piece of fringe from the top piece of fabric to the one behind it from the bottom piece.  It may help to tie a few fringes in each corner before doing the rest to prevent bunching.  If you're having trouble keeping the pillow form in place, pin the fleece to it until you get most of the fringes tied.

If you have good square throw pillows but would like a new look, you could use this method to cover them with fleece.  Just measure the pillow and cut the fabric 6 inches longer than the measurement.  Or if you prefer a shorter fringe, only add 3 or 4 inches.

You can also make blankets using this technique, so it's easy to create a matching set.  If you can find patterned fleece that features a favorite football, baseball, basketball or hockey team, such a set would make a great gift for the sports fan on your list.  Patterns for kids could be used to make nice sets to go on their beds.

Who would have thought that making new throw pillows would be this easy?  This project is so easy that a pre-teen could do it, and smaller children could assist with it.  Yet the finished product looks like it took a great deal of time and effort.

No Sew Fleece Poncho

Ponchos are great accessories to dress up almost any outfit.  And when they're made out of a warm material, they are great for covering up on cold days.  Did you know that you can make a fleece poncho without having to sew a stitch?

Fleece is great for no-sew projects because it will not ravel.  And it's an ideal material for ponchos.  Putting on a fleece poncho is kind of like having a wearable blanket.  These are great for keeping kids warm, and adults love them as well.  Here's how to make a no-sew fleece poncho:


  • 3/4 to 1 yard of fleece
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Bowl
  • Disappearing ink pen


  1. Cut the piece of fleece into a square of the desired size.  For an infant, it will need to be about 18 inches; for a toddler, about 27 inches; and for a larger child, about 30 inches.  The correct size for an adult will depend on shirt size.
  2. Fold the square in half diagonally.  Make sure the fold and all corners and edges are even.
  3. Measure the folded edge, marking the center point.  Then mark about 3 inches on each side of that mark to determine where the edges of the neck hole should be.  This measurement may vary depending on the size of the wearer's head, and will be larger for adults.
  4. Use the bowl to mark a semi-circle between the markings you made.  Cut along the line to make the neck.  If you're not sure about the neck size, try it on for size.
  5. At this point, the poncho is ready to wear.  If you want fringe on it, lay it flat and cut strips around the edges of about 1 1/2 inches long (or a little longer for an adult poncho) and 1 inch wide.

If you want to add more embellishment, thread a large bead onto each piece of fringe and tie the end in a knot.  You could also add studs or rhinestones using a Bedazzler.  To jazz up the neckline, you could cut a vertical slit down the middle, punch three or four holes on each side of the slit, lace it up with leather cord and tie it in a bow.  Iron-ons are not recommended, because the high temperature that is required to add them could melt or burn the fleece.

Making these no-sew fleece ponchos is very easy, and it's inexpensive as well.  Fleece can be found in the craft department of your favorite discount store for about $5 a yard, and you can find inexpensive embellishments there as well.  At that price, you could make ponchos for the entire family, then make some to give as gifts too!

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No Sew Fleece Crafts - Supplies for Making a Reversible Poncho

No Sew Fleece Crafts - Marking the Neck Hole for a Reversible Poncho

No Sew Fleece Crafts - Cutting Slits Around Neck Hole for a Reversible Poncho

No Sew Fleece Crafts - Tying Neckline Trim for a Reversible Poncho

No Sew Fleece Crafts - Adding a Strip to Neckline for a Reversible Poncho

No Sew Fleece Crafts - Cutting the Fringes on a Reversible Poncho

No Sew Fleece Crafts - Tying the Fringes for a Reversible Poncho

No Sew Fleece Crafts - Cutting a Fleece Flower for a Reversible Poncho

No Sew Fleece Crafts - Attaching a Fleece Flower for a Reversible Poncho

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