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No Stairs! No Happiness.

Updated on January 21, 2017

And since the cave pool is not a cave that can easily be enjoyed, we were only staring at it from the top, taking photos of how clear the waters can be seen from where we were standing.

We took photos of the stone, the trees, the coconuts and everything we can see but this is not the only reason why we were there.

We basically want to get into the water and take a swim! Or perhaps a dive for the other men who were with us. But this isn't possible at this situation!

In case you are wondering, this guy on the photo is a legit travel blogger and he was looking for ways on how to take a photo of the cave and the entire area. He had his own camera with him but it requires a wide lens!

Fortunately, our other companion brought with him his own camera with a wide lens so they were able to finally capture the entire cave pool. Plus we also had some good time while waiting for a rescue so that we can possibly enjoy the cave waters.

Gladly, after a few minutes, another local came and asked if we would like to take a swim on the cave. In chorus, we all answered yes! He then contacted the owner of a ladder who is residing just nearby. We were relieved that we can finally get to touch the waters at this point.

However, it was not a quick one because the stairs was a tall steel which goes right down to the bottom of the water bed and it will have to be tied up to the stones so to ensure it would be able to support our weights when climbing it.

In the photo above, one of our companions is trying to climb the ladder but it is really difficult as the steps were far apart from each other. It would require a good stretch of the legs to get up. And an assistance is also needed from the guys above to help us pull ourselves out of the cave.


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    • livetech profile image

      Livetech 15 months ago from United Kingdom

      That's so amazing! The first shot is really nice, and the second is beyond words.