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Not Just a Yarn Ball: Super Neat DIY Lampshade

Updated on August 6, 2012

Can it be this simple?

This simple project is so easy and inexpensive that anyone can do it, and it can be applied for almost any occasion: Make them as a fun kids project. Need a new, unique lampshade? This is it! Make just the right decorative touch to finish a rooms style. Be the guest that everyone will be sure to invite to parties when you show up with this gift! I guarantee that everyone will "Oooh" and "Aaaah" over your creativeness, and be asking for directions, so you may just wanna take a few copies to the party with you;)

All you need to complete this craft is a form a glue, a balloon, wax (or petroleum jelly works just fine) and string! It is truly that easy, and did I mention cheap! All things, that you probably already have around the house. So follow below to find out how to make accent yarn balls, or the most unique lampshade on the block!

How to:

1) String: any string or yarn that you have around the house will work. Doilies are also GREAT to use for this project! So gather all your grandmas's artwork from the dustcloset!

Tips: To add that special touch of color to a child's room, multi-color string (or you odd-n-end leftover string from other projects) make a cute accent ball or colorful shade.Natural color or white yarn "glows" magnificently when made as a lampshade.

2) Glue: You can use anything from Elmer's white glue, to Decoupage, to wallpaper paste.Anything that is sticky, holds, and dries clear.

3) Place glue and string in a container that can either be washed or that is disposable to soakup the glue. Use a wooden spoon (or something like) to make sure the string/yarn ispushed completely into the glue and that each strand is coated.

Tips: If using a re-usable container it will be hard to wash clean and will need to besoaked overnight. I recommend an old plastic dish or butter container.

4) Blow up balloon to desired size and coat with thin layer of wax or petroleum jelly. Tie a stringto end of balloon to allow hanging to dry.

Tip: Have a drying place already designated before starting next step as your hands will be to messy to think about it then.

5) String yarn around balloon. Allow room at top large enough to slip over ligh bulb if making into a lampshade. Let dry for 24hrs

Tips: I wear plastic gloves for this step and squeeze out any excess glue as i'm stringingmy balloon. Always lay down a sheet or newspaper under ball to catch drips if dryinginside so you don't make a mess on your carpet.

If you are making just a decorative ball than you are done WOOHOO! If you are making a lampshade then simply insert the lamp kit, which can be found at any hardware store, and ILLUMINATE!


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