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Nursery Decorating: Painting Two -Toned Wall

Updated on November 23, 2009

Two -Tones Nursery with Ribbon Chair Rail

Two-Toned Room

Update: Friends, since writing this article I've found out about a wonderful new product called Frog Tape. It is painter's tape that actually works. Imagine that!! It has a special coating on edges that repels paint so that you have no seepage when using it to tape off for stripes and other shapes. I bought some from Sherwin Williams. I saw that Lowes also carries it. I used it to make table with random stripes in different colors across the top surface for my daughter and loved it!

Have you ever marked off the lines you want to stay within when you are painting with painter's tape, only to have the paint seep through the lines? There is a simple remedy for this problem. For the sake exampe, suppose you are painting a room green and pink. Pink on top and green on bottom. First prime the room. Second, use a measuring stick or laser level to tape a solid horizontal line around the room. Third, prime over the tape you just stuck down. This will form a seal over the tape. Fourth, paint your top color and your bottom color, painting right up and over the edge of the tape. Lastly, peel off the tape. You will be left with a clean middle line the color of the primer. You can see how you can easily use more of this technique to fill in the middle line with a third color. Even simpler use a chair rail. Or even simpler use my technique below.

Use Aileen's fabric glue to glue a peice of ribbon over the part of the room where your two paint colors meet. Don't worry, the ribbon will stay put. Also, many people will probably think it's paint until you tell them it is ribbon. I speak from experience. Smile.

Here is a link to a neat idea for using Frog Tape (although she used decorator's masking tape) for a wavy room with a mural. Very pretty. You could easily use some stencils or stick-on art work to create a similar effect if you can't draw/paint yourself.


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