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What are 14 Obvious Artist Problems?

Updated on October 7, 2017

Negatives of being an Artist

Where to start? Oh, how about the never ending rows of this one question, "Can you draw me?" This is a VERY common question that I bet every Artist has to listen to. A person would see a person drawing, and instantly, they want the person to draw them. Not saying everyone in the world thinks that, but seriously, stop.

Another Question Is, "Wow! Did you really draw that?" This kinda makes me laugh, at the same time, makes me really frustrated. No, that person didn't draw it with her or his own hands! They just have a pencil in their hand and scratching it against a piece of paper with an incredible looking piece of work that is obviously not done yet!...No, but seriously! That's getting annoying.

This is also something people like to do when they know or meet an artist, especially students. Some artists like to carry their sketchbooks around. I know because I do that. But that's not the point! When someone see's your sketchbook, they would ask to see it. Again, not everyone does this, but a great few of people don't really care about your privacy. If an artist was to say no, you better believe that, that person would sooner or later sneak that book right out of your careful possession and just help themselves to the contents. This is probably the most problematic issue that comes with being an artist.

A fourth problem I know of is when People would see an Artist's art work and say, "Wow, your so much better than I am!" Well, ya. They have been doing this for probably years. They should be very skilled.

OK, enough with the negatives pointing to society. How about the actual art work! Art blocks, smudges, colors, etc! Artists have to go through these just about everyday.

Art blocks would be when an artist can't think of anything to draw. It's especially bad when they are in the mood to just hold a art tool in their hands. Which is like, everyday.

Smudges. Not all artists like to do this, but some like to pen the lead markings to make it darker. But when they accidentally slide their arm across the paper, the ink just covers areas of the paper that you didn't want it to spread to! Then Artists would have wing it. Which is irritating.

Colors. God, colors. Some Artists like to add colors, other artists don't. An artist thinks he or she knows what colors a space should be, but then learns that all the colors clashes or are just wrong, ruining the picture entirely.

Erasing. Heh. some artists would think their papers are strong enough, but nope! They pick up that eraser, erases one spot over and over and over again till, rip! The page just tears.

Loosing equipment. What all artists can relate to is that from time to time, their pencil or eraser, maybe something else, would just disappear! They would go crazy just looking around the room, desperate to finish their drawing. After time and time again of looking around the room, they would finally find it. Where, you may ask? In a spot they had checked several times before in the last ten minutes!

Time. An artist's schedule is always wacky. We could stay up late into the night drawing, and sleep till the afternoon. Or visa versa.

Drawing the other eye. Have any of you readers ever draw a picture you likes, but you finally had to make the other eye. Ya, every artist has to do this. They have to deal with the fact that no matter how much experience they got in the line of being and artist, drawing another eye exactly like the last one is almost impossible.

And lastly of what I know is that artists have a wide span of imagination. They could think of so many different kinds of creatures or scenes they could draw. But sometimes, the image is not their art style and way out of their league to draw. Something that is also related to the issue is that when they think of something they CAN draw, by the time they get their tools out and paper to draw on, the image has already disappeared.

So you see, being an artist is quite hard. There are so many problems. Even so, artists ignore those things and mainly think about the positive


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    • frenziedartist profile image

      C Stewart 3 weeks ago from Alabama

      I have heard all of these! My personal favorite is when people assume you can paint simply because you can draw.

      Or like you mentioned; the infamous, "draw me!"

      From all the artists I have spoken with, a large majority of them did not so any painting. Some of them couldn't.

      I recently took up painting on canvas with acrylics; however, there's nothing more rewarding than pencil & paper.

    • profile image

      karinales 7 months ago

      Amazing article! All these problems are so familiar to me. I used to hear that phrase "you are much better than me" really very often. And the issue with smudges and erasing, it's very irritating, actually. However, I would advise all artists to learn to abstract from all that problems, like they cannot influence you. Or to communicate with other professionals who really understand you and in such a way you will get only positive emotions.