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Ocean Blanket to Crochet

Updated on May 16, 2020
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I started when I was about eight years old and have been crocheting ever since. I even make different stitches for a change.

The completed blanket resembles the waves of an ocean.
The completed blanket resembles the waves of an ocean. | Source

Choose a Needle

I like metal crotchet needles, but you can use any type you like, even plastic ones like the ones above.
I like metal crotchet needles, but you can use any type you like, even plastic ones like the ones above. | Source

Just a Quick Note Before We Begin

Crocheting is a way for me to calm down and relax after whatever day I have had. I can sometimes make a loop without even looking at the work (only when the stitches are all the same, though). I believe the hardest thing to learn is the second row and on to the end. I made and pulled out so many because it didn't look right.

**Just remember, you can easily pull out the stitches when you are crocheting. So practice, pull it out, and practice more until it feels right.

**Just a quick note, you can't see if the turn is accurate until you have done a third row to compare.

Let's Get Started

I’m not a big detail person especially when it comes to making things. I have a tendency to measure the length I need and move on. I hate to have to count things all the time. (EXAMPLE: Okay, make 1027 single crochets and then turn….) There is some counting necessary in all things we make however, so I do my best to limit the numbers. I have created a stitch that anyone who can crochet can do and I thought I would share it with you.

First--down to the brass tacks (as my father used to say). Here are the details of the blanket I made for this article. You can change things around for size, stitch, color, etc. I just used these items for this particular blanket which resembles the ocean (well a little bit anyway).

**I used a size “H” crochet needle.

**I used 3 different colors of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn (Imported and Distributed by Coats and Clark, P.O. Box 12229, Greenville, SC 29612, USA, in the following colors:

****Spring Green net wt 7 oz, *Delft Blue net wt 7 oz, and a multi-color skein called *Banana Berry net wt 5 oz

**Making a pattern of 4 rows of the solid colors and 3 rows of the multi-colored yarn with double crochet in between. I will give directions for the blanket I made but it is easy to adjust for whatever style and color you chose. I used 2 large solid colored skeins (of each color) and 3 of the multi colored to make a blanket 47” X 40”.

The pattern swirls like a wave of water.
The pattern swirls like a wave of water. | Source


1} Starting with one of the solid colors of yarn, make a single crochet chain as long as you want the blanket to be (I was making a baby blanket so I made it large enough to cover my lap [no numbers-sorry]) but it was 40” long.

2} Skip the first two chains and make a double crochet in the third chain. Double crochet two rows of this color.

3} Turn your work and begin the ‘fancy chain’ as follows:

  • Chain three single chains (this will be a double crochet and one to turn)
  • Make 3 triple crochets in the next 3 chains
  • Make 1 double crochet in the next chain
  • Make 3 single crochets in the next 3 chains
  • Make 1 double crochet in the next chain
  • Repeat the pattern for the entire row
  • When the next color is added the pattern will appear to flow like a wave

See the pattern above.
See the pattern above. | Source
This picture shows the pattern and the edging I did.
This picture shows the pattern and the edging I did. | Source

Directions Continued

4}Change color to the multi-colored yarn

Follow the pattern above but do the opposite of what you did before (ie:if you did a triple crochet, do a single above it, if you did a single, do a triple, repeat the doubles as is) repeat until row is complete-turn your work

5}Double crochet one row across the length of the blanket, turn your work and then repeat step #3.

6}Change color to the second solid color

Follow step #4 for the first row (using the solid color not the multi) complete the row and turn your work

7}Double crochet two rows of the color, turn your work, and then repeat step #3.

8}Change color to the multi-colored yarn

Follow step #4

9}Double crochet one row, turn your work and then repeat step #3

10}Change color to the first solid color

Follow step #4 with the solid color

11}Repeat the pattern until the blanket is as big as you need it to be.Use the multi colored yarn to make two single crochet rows around the edges to finish off the blanket.

Complicated Directions, I Know

But, once you have done a few rows, the pattern will begin to emerge and you will be able to keep it going with just a glance at the previous rows. When the blanket is done, I like to run a row or two of the main color of the blanket all around the blanket to give it a finishing touch. In this pattern I used two single crochets, but you can use a double stitch or even a shell pattern. Hope you all have fun with this pattern. If you have one that is different, please leave a comment below so we can enjoy it as well.

I Used What I Had on Hand, But:

You can use
You can mix
You can change your stitch
three different colors
any color combo you like
use the shell stitch
softer yarns
multi with solid
use a double and then triple
fluffy type yarns
or just use a multi-colored
make one row all single and then another all double etc.

By changing things up you can change how the blanket will look. You don't need to do exactly what I did to have a beautiful blanket. Also, be sure to add a unique stitch to make the blanket unique.

In Case You Didn't Know

  • A single crochet-slip the needle into the next stitch on your work, wrap the yarn over the hook and pull it through.
  • A double crochet-wrap the yarn once before slipping it through the next loop of your pattern, wrap the yarn and pull it through the first two loops on your needle, wrap again and pull it through the next two loops.
  • A triple crochet is the same, only wrap the yarn twice before slipping through the next loop in your work. You will repeat three times as directed above because you will have a third loop.
  • The needle size is not the only thing that can affect the size of your blanket. Practice making a two inch square and then count your stitches. The size of the hook, the tightness of the loops, and the thickness of the yarn will determine your size, so don't rely on the measures of the pattern alone.
  • Even if there is a pattern you are using, you do not have to stick to the same color pattern. You can use whatever yarn colors you like, just be sure to make your starter square for measuring purposes.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 Cheryl Simonds


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